Is SOC backing out of WSRE debate?

August 30, 2006

angryAn email from Kenneth Lamb:

It has just come to my attention that the WSRE program on the Waterfront Park may be cancelled because the SOC side may not show up.

It is standard media protocol to host an “empty chair” debate when candidates or issue advocates are invited to a debate, and one party fails to participate.

The idea of canceling the program because SOC will not participate should strike WSRE as a massive affront to its editorial independence and judgment. The question should be squarely put to WSRE: “Is WSRE going to allow itself to be held hostage to the political judgments of one party in this issue?”

Among professional journalists, such a threat as is being bandied about in this case would cause raucous laughter. Then the reality of the insult this constitutes would set in.

In the final analysis, the program should air, with an empty chair for the issue advocate who failed to participate.



5 Responses to “Is SOC backing out of WSRE debate?”

  1. Jami Clevenger Says:

    WRSE, if you guys are reading this, DO NOT CANCEL the program. Mr. Lamb is correct. I would like to see an honest and intelligent debate of both sides of this issue. Short of that, if they don’t show up, I would like everyone to know what chicken *&$@s they are.

  2. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:

    Agreed…if you won’t stand up for yourself, how do you expect us to stand up for you?

  3. A Friend Says:

    The Program is not being cancelled.

  4. Brian Says:

    Kenneth E Lamb is an idiot who is being paid pretty handsome “consulting” fees to keep him quiet. He has been bought off.

  5. Rick Outzen Says:

    Lamb is paid for his computer expertise – CyberSmart is his company. He is working on the pro-waterfront park campaign. Do you believe Tom Garner has been bought off because his partner Renee Perry works for Save Our City?

    Of course not. “Bought off” implies that Lamb and Garner are being held back from regular beliefs because of money. Neither is doing that. They both very much believe in what they’re doing.

    Lamb’s email was based on the best info he had at the time. It may have triggered the series of events that led up to SOC agreeing to participate in the debate.


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