Reggie Dogan misses the point on Morris Court

August 29, 2006

lensPNJ columnist Reggie Dogan missed the point of the Morris Court press conference(Morris Court press conference Saturday, Aug. 26). He sees it as a miscommunication problem. The Area Housing Commission simply didn’t do a good job of telling the poor, elderly residents that they had to move.

No, Reggie, the problem is the AHC had no plan for where to move these folks. They have no safe place to live that they can afford. (Left Behind Part 2: Housing)

Reggie, you bought the party line without really hearing what the Morris Court residents were saying (Failure to communicate). You could have made a real difference in helping these people.


One Response to “Reggie Dogan misses the point on Morris Court”

  1. Lilyana Says:

    Sorry to hear that Reggie Doogan failed to “catch the bull by the horns”. That is why I must insist that these poor and unhealthy elders file a “Class Action Suit” against the Housing Commission as soon as possible. I wrote an E-mail to Mr. Jeb Bush – I talked to one of his representatives, and he promised me that althrough the state government could not enforce laws on the Counties they would call the Housing Commissioner and ask them to deal with the serious problem of eviction these 85 families are facing. I know many of them will die of the stress and unfortunate abuse this housing commission is committing and the worst part is that nobody is concerned about the outcome of such irresponsible actions being taken. Nobody is looking out for the victims of this big “trampling and outrage actions”. Help them by looking for legal counseling. Thanks.

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