More faulty research from Elebash

August 29, 2006

Here’s retired professor C.C. Elebash’s latest paper on the Community Maritime Park:

2465 Downtown Crowd by C. C. Elebash

Yes, there is a “downtown crowd.”

The “downtown crowd” is a loosely knit group of people who either work downtown or have financial interests downtown. It is not a formal organization. There is no membership roster. The informal membership varies from time to time and from issue to issue.

They aim for the betterment of Pensacola. However, many reside outside the City, and they are sometimes out-of-step with City residents.

The “downtown crowd” climbed on the maritime park bandwagon without doing their homework. Like City Council, they were overwhelmed by the promoters. The Chamber of Commerce jumped on board without doing any independent analysis of the project. The Downtown Improvement Board (whose publication is called The Downtown Crowd) endorsed the proposal before it was even presented to City Council.

People who do not own property downtown are now asking: Why is our tax money being used to provide police and fire protection downtown while downtown taxes go to a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) which plans to spend millions on a baseball stadium?

The “downtown crowd” will be discredited when the baseball stadium is defeated by the referendum. They, along with City Hall and the media, are way “out on a limb” in support of the baseball stadium. The voters will probably cut off the limb on September 5.

Pensacola needs new leadership — elected and unelected.

We need leaders who will relate to people all over the City, not just to the “downtown crowd”. New leaders must earn the people’s confidence and move this community forward in a positive way. The City of Pensacola is in trouble, and the people are ready for fresh leadership and a new direction.


What I like about this viewpoint is a man who has done no real research chastises others for not doing research. Again we are to accept his pronouncements based on his past career as a professor over a decade ago. No facts.
He tells us that he knows what the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Improvement Board was thinking when they voted to be in favor of the Community Maritime Park. Since they don’t agree with him, then it’s obvious that they didn’t do their research….Not very logical. I’m not sure many active college professor would agree with his deductions.
What’s even more laughable is that the SOC emails show the Elebash, Donovan and Fairchild had made up their minds against the project long before the final proposal was drafted. Elebash admited he had already drafted an viewpoint against it months before the council’s vote.

And we’re suppose to accept his “research” as objective?

The fourth paragraph needs special analysis – because it shows Elebash may have other issues than the park proposal. But I’m not trained for such analysis and can’t read minds like Professor Elebash. Sounds like a vendatta may be involved here.
In the end, I agree the city needs leadership, but I don’t think it should be from a group of old white men who may be trying to relive past glory.

I think we need a little more diversity and open-mindedness or at least that’s what my research says.


8 Responses to “More faulty research from Elebash”

  1. Jim McClellan Says:

    Okay, in order to buy load of crap, you have to actually believe the following:

    Jack Fetterman, who has commanded ships, trained sailors and successfully guided the Naval Aviation Museum is just a wild-eyed promoter. BUT, C.C. Elebash is a too smart to have the wool pulled over his eyes.

    AND, you have to assume that Vince Whibbs, whose contributions to this community and whose successes in business are too numerous to list, was duped into supporting something that is detrimental to Pensacola. BUT, C.C. Elebash is too wise to fall for it.

    AND, you have to assume that the long list of Pensacola residents and business owners who support the park are simply sheep headed to the slaughter. BUT, C.C. speaks for the enlightened majority who will stop this travesty from happening.

    Sorry, C.C. I stand with the people who have a track record of making this community better. Perhaps you should do some homework on that concept.

  2. Joe Says:

    [quote]”The Downtown Improvement Board (whose publication is called The Downtown Crowd)”[/quote]
    I’m sure that will come as a surprise to the folks at Ballinger Publishing. The DIB’s actual newsletter (a PDF of which is available at their website, is called “DIB eNEWS.”

    But like C.C., I think it’s just absurd that the people who live, work & own property downtown should be promoting the Waterfront Park so shamelessly. W-why, it’s almost like they think THEY’RE the ones paying for it!

    I’m sorry, Professor Elebash, but you lost all credibility when you started touting that wacky $100 million cost figure, including $20 million for the estimated sale value of the land. It’s a LEASE, fer cryin’ out loud!

  3. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:

    The more we hear from C.C., the more I’m convinced that as a kid, he was the last one picked to play baseball at recess and he’s never gotten over it.


    GSAC – the same can be said for the rest of the lot.

  5. ProParkGuy Says:

    It amazes me the misinformation people can put out, and even more the people that just believe anything he says. Anyone Drive down 17th avenue yesterday? Typical that the can with “We can build a better Waterfront Park” all over it, also had a big Rebel flag on the front bumper. Draw your own conclusions.

  6. Bill Braskey Says:

    Dr. Elebash must think that everyone else is an idiot. He produces a list of supposed top municipal parks in the nation who, for the most part, feature no baseball park. While that might be fine and well, how many parks feature a maritime museum? And how many parks have a multi-use stadium such as the one being proposed here? Here’s a better question: Why does a self-professed smart man such as Dr. Elebash refuse to understand that it’s simply not a ball park? Personally, I think Dr. Elebash’s research and general attitude stinks worse than his cheap, mothball-ridden suits.

  7. Pensacola Pete Says:

    C.C. Elebash is the original CAVE man (Citziens Against Virtually Everything).

    When I first came to Pensacola people were excited about the possibility of the Civic Center being built. I clearly rember C.C. led the charge against it. He was also responsible for letter writing and editorial campaings against buidling the UWF Fine and Perfroming Arts Center (biting the hand that signs his retirement check); rennovations of the Cultural Center and PLT; and rennovations of the Saenger and PMA.

    In fact any proposal that has come down the pike for the past 25 years, C.C. has been against it. He has also tried to get the Port of Pensacola closed for decades, he says it losing money. It is! Because Elebash and his minions routinely quash any attempt to expand it into a money making facility.

    If C.C. Elebash is against the CMP, that’s the only reason I need to vote YES!

  8. Fred Flintstone Says:

    I remember professor Elebash from my days at Bedrock University. He was a visiting professor of Hysterical Rhetoric and the founder of SORE (Stop Our Rapid Evolution). Before he rode his brontosaurus out of town he managed to close down our port and airport and the Bedrock Ballet. He also stopped the building of the CMP (Caveman Multi-Use Park).

    Maybe if you changed the name of your team to the Pensacola Pterydactyls it would remind him of his youth. It has been rumored but never confirmed that C.C. once smiled as a small child but it has never been proven.

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