blasted again….only reply he’s not listening.

August 29, 2006

screamingRoger MacDonald tried to take “Dr. Wallace” AKA Mike West to task. Again his points fell on deaf ears – West doesn’t want anything to happen until the plant is moved so he makes up questions to avoid the criticism. (Be sure to read my note at the end)
2473 Maritime Park by Roger MacDonald

Boy, are you screwed up! How much will your personal taxes go up if the park is built? How will your taxes change if it isn’t built? The answer is the same – zippo. Do you think that Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, Greenville, SC, Montgomery, and Louisville are all stupid? Don’t you think that it’s interesting that they, and scores of other communities, have recently built downtown and/or waterfront developments that include baseball stadiums? Your negative campaign of innuendos and distortions is despicable.

Strong letter follows.


Dr. Wallace: I sure hope your strong letter answers these questions:

* Of the cities you named above, how many have a working sewer plant less 100 yards from their development projects?

* How many people do you think will go to a baseball game at the waterfront park on an evening when the breeze is blowing from the Main Street Sewer Plant?

* How many people do you think will attend a concert at the waterfront park on an evening when the breeze is blowing from the Main Street Sewer Plant?

* Do you really think that people will want to go swimming in Pensacola Bay where the Main Street Sewer main discharges?

* Do you know how much of the 1-1/2 mile water front will be available for the public, and how much will be restricted for UWF use?

* If the vast majority of citizens of Escambia County are decidedly against spending over 280 million dollars to move the Main Street Sewer Plant, do you really think the plant will be move in the next 2 years? How about 5 years. The truth is more likely 10 years, if all!

All the time the sewer plant continues to stymie the waterfront park projects. If you can solve the moving of the sewer plant first, then I will join you on the park. If you cannot then you are wasting your time.


RO NOTE: This is a real unique method of arguing. My 13 year old daughter tries to do the same thing. “I’m not going to talk about my homework – until you say I can go to the movie.”

West (“Dr. Wallace”) wants everyone to link the Community Maritime Park proposal to the  relocation of the Main Street Sewage Treatment plant. Why? ? Because HE believes the two are tied together. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks…

What’s sad is by doing so and then predicting it will take 10 years to move the ECUA plant, West wants Pensacola to stay in suspension for a decade.


3 Responses to “ blasted again….only reply he’s not listening.”

  1. Jim McClellan Says:

    Dr. Wallace says that it will be “more like five years, maybe ten” before the Main Street Plant is moved. Never mind the fact that more than $180 million toward the cost has already been raised and nearly everyone agrees it’s going to go. And, never mind the fact that the preliminary engineering for the new plant is underway as is the right-of-way acquisition. And, never mind the fact that, as of right now, the plant is still slated to be operational by 2009.

    This is a red herring. If the plant moved tomorrow, I tend to doubt Dr. Wallace would “join” us on the park.

  2. Jim McClellan Says:

    My email to Dr. Wallace:

    I just saw some of your questions to Roger MacDonald (the same as you’ve posed to others who attempted to engage you.) Well, I’m going to answer your questions first — under the assumption that you will then answer mine and maybe respond to my other points. Whether you do so on your site or via email makes no difference.

    I rented office space from Baskerville-Donovan for two years in the new building that sits directly across from the Main Street plant. About one day every two weeks, we could smell from the plant on the north side of the building. On the south side, the smell was typically much less noticeable, owing to the breezes off the water. But, this was only when the wind was right. In fact, a lot of folks ate lunch outside the building on the south side and we held a lot of open air events back there with no complaints. That was never even a consideration in our scheduling.

    Given that the multi-use stadium will be even further to the south and east, and given that the wind only occasionally blows in that direction, and given that restaurants, parks and stores generate their own smells that likely will overpower the plant, I think plenty of people will still come out to enjoy the park.

    You may disagree, but remember: I was there almost every day for two years.

    BUT, the fact is that $180 million toward the cost of the new plant is already in place from the federal and state governments and ECUA. The application for replacement funding is being reviewed by FEMA and there are certainly other options if that part is not approved. And the one issue that nearly everyone in Escambia County agrees on is that the plant should move and soon.

    The good news is that preliminary engineering work on the new plant is already well underway and on schedule. Right-of-way acquisition for the pipelines and pump stations has begun. It’s an ambitious schedule for sure, but we are on track for the plant to be online in 2009. Even if it overruns by a year, that’s still only three and a half years from now — certainly not “five, or more likely 10” years as you suggest. That’s from the project engineers, but as a PhD, I’m sure you’ve done your research and can offer up sound research for the timeframe you suggest.

    To the real point: Even if there is overlap, that’s far better than waiting until one project is done before the other is started.

    Now, why don’t you address some of the issues raised by Roger and some of the other folks. Show some fairness and balance and print the opinions of others. Engage in a real debate instead of your own monologues. You’d be surprised how much you can learn — even if you already have a PhD.

  3. Thomas Lunsford Says:

    I tried posting legitimate questions about the Maritime Park on the Gulf1 site, but Mr. Wallace, the “editor” refuses to post my questions unless I answer his same canned questions listed above. I will not be visiting the site again.

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