Get Congo native and $2.3 mil….just send bank account info

August 29, 2006

I am Mrs. Grace Khan from United Arab Emirates. I am
married to DR. David Khan who worked with the embassy
of the Democratic Republic of Congo for seven years
before he died in the year 2000.We were married for
eleven years with an only child. He died after a brief
illness that lasted for only four Days. Before his
death we were both born again Christians.

Since his death I decided not to re-marry or get
another Child outside my matrimonial home which the
Bible is against. My late husband left me wealth
totalling four million six hundred thousand United
States dollars ($4.6) which is in a finance house.

Presently my husbands family that killed my late
husband is after my only son’s life, I am incapacitated
because of my lingering stroke sickness that I was
plagued with by my late husbands family.
I want a church/Xian family or any serious foreigner
that will take my son to their custody until he is
matured to handle his late fathers funds.
I am ready to handle you over the documents of the
funds and have them transfer into his/her account for
the upkeep of my only son and you will be rewarded with
reasonable amount 50% percent from the funds for your
Goodwill, while the remaining fifty percent you deposit
Directly in a foreign bank with my son name or as you
may suggest otherwise.
Thank you for your assistance and understanding to
Dying mothers wish.
Best Regards,
Mrs Grace David

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