More SOC misinformation

August 28, 2006

shockI got this email today:

“The problem with Studer’s proposal is the way that it was done, not the proposal itself. Why not open up Trillium with requests for proposals ? What harm would that do?

Has he threatened to leave with all of his marbles if he doesn’t get his way right this very moment ? What’s the hurry?”

1) Anyone could have made a proposal on the Trillium property from March, 2003 to March, 2006. They didn’t have to wait for a request for proposal. Marty, Charlie and Save Our City could have put together a counter-proposal. There was nothing stopping them. They could of held their own public meetings – used Bayview Senior Center and paid a moderator to conduct the meetings. They didn’t.

    Pensacola isn’t the prize they think it is. Developers are building their projects to east of us – Destin, Sandestin- and to the west – Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Malbis. Any of those developers could have approached the Pensacola City Council to build here instead. None did. 
2)  Quint Studer has never – I repeat never – said he would leave this area if the Community Maritime Park isn’t approved. It’s unreasonable to expect him to contribute $2.25 million to another waterfront park plan, but he won’t move away from here.

Studer wins either way. If CMP passes, then he will be credited with the rebirth of Pensacola and Escambia County. If it fails, he will save millions and will be known as the man who was willing to try to help this area recover its former prominence. As much as Marty “Bilbo” Donovan and Charlie “No public meeting” Fairchild want to make him the bad guy, Studer is the hero in this little melodrama.

3) The hurry is that Escambia County and Pensacola are behind the surrounding areas. It’s the poorest, most racially polarized, unhealthiest and most illiterate community on the Gulf Coast. Waiting and doing nothing wouldn’t improve anything. It’s doing nothing that got us into this mess.


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