It’s late…and I’ve had too much to think – 8/28/06

August 28, 2006

EyeWhat differentiates a city from community?

A city is a place. A community is the people.

A city is limited by legal boundaries. It’s filled with buildings, trees and streets.
A community is limited only by it’s heart, it’s soul and it’s vision. It’s diversity of nationalities, ages, sizes and talents can be overwhelming at times.

A city has rules and ordinances that change according to the whims of those in power.
A community has its ebbs and flows, but it has a heartbeat that permeates its every action. It has a value system that is immutable.

A city is run by political compromises and deals with daily power struggles. It’s selfish – what’s in it for me.
A community seeks consensus, builds bridges and seeks what’s good for all. It’s selfless – what’s in it for us.

A city can easily be left behind for greener pastures.
A community stays with you forever.

We each have to decide if Pensacola is a city or a community.


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