Gulf1 pops the Weasel

August 28, 2006

Bsoc is a pseudo-news website run by somebody name Wallace. It’s more a collection of columns, viewpoints and press releases….a more Right Wing version of this blog without the freedom of comments from the public.

Jeff “Marty called me a weasel” DeWeese tried to post a response to a Wallace editorial. However, Wallace added his own comments to DeWeese’s response.

The norm when you’re sent a letter to the editor or blog comment is to let the person have his/her say then respond. Not so on – even though he says he’s unbiased.

Here is the letter from Deweese with Wallace’s editorial comments added:

436  Jeff DeWeese's letter 
by Jeff DeWeese


I am having a hard time finding the FACTS in your editorial.

Your piece states “My response is considerably shorter and deals with FACTS and not Fantasy.”

Imagine….it is 2009 and a group of fourth grade students are entering the Jack H. Fetterman State of Florida Maritime Museum and Research Center construction area. Each student is issued his or her own hard hat because it is a state law that hard hats must be worn on construction sites.

I SEE NO FACTS IN THIS SECTION (If Mr. DeWeese believes that, the envisioned Maritime Museum can be constructed and in operation in 2 years, he is smoking grass instead of mowing it. Architectural and engineering studies have yet to be performed. The real fact is that until the sewer plant is moved no one will want to visit the property no mater what is there…. Wallace)

The construction site is all staked out and waiting for the foundation to be constructed. Off in the distance the seldom-used baseball stadium sits vacant, as is the case for the majority of the year.

NO FACTS HERE EITHER (The real fact is that until the sewer plant is moved no one will want to visit the property no mater what is there…. Wallace)

The breeze is gently blowing from the north and the Escambia County Utilities Authority’s Main Street sewer plant is getting a new sign over the door that now reads “Emerald Coast Utilities Authority. “ The sign is the only thing new. The stench is the same as it has been for the last 50 years. The fragrance of fresh sewage gently covers the work site like flies on feces.

STILL SEARCHING (One need only follow his nose…. Wallace)

The teacher of the class tells the children not to play in the top soil because it has not been approved for playing in by the Environmental Protection Agency. The instructor suggest that the students just imagine what the museum will look like in the distant future when the local governments finally figure out how to pay for the moving of the sewer plant. HMMMMM…will I find one FACT (Depends on weather the teacher is honest or not….. Wallace)

The young students wonder why their parents ever let them down by voting yes to approving the massive debt on the city of Pensacola. AS USUAL FOR FEAR MONGERS…NO FACTS AT ALL…BUT YOU CLAIM IN YOUR OPENING TO HAVE FACTS. VOTE YES PENSACOLA!

For what you know to be true, for what has been put down on paper, and what has been committed to by TRUTHFUL people, not those who cry facts and yet don’t have any to offer. Im sure you wont print this one either, Dr. Wallace.

(On the contrary, Jeff. Gulf1 is not the local biased media outlet. Your letter has been published and your emotional outrage noted. Fact: The current one sided proposal sounds alluring, but until the citizen of Escambia County decide to spend the $280,000,000 to relocate the Main Street Sewer plant the Waterfront Park will only be a smelly piece of land.)


RO editorial note: Most of the park will be closer to Port Royal than the Main Street Sewage Treatment Plant. I haven’t notice the plant hurting sales of Port Royal property or a major evacuation of their $1 million-plus units. Have you, Mr. Wallace?


One Response to “Gulf1 pops the Weasel”

  1. Joe Says:

    I don’t know anything about this Wallace guy, but the “webmaster” for Gulf1 is Bill Davison, who makes crappy websites under the moniker He’s a regular shill for Save Our City who trolls the PNJ forums spreading lies. (Admittedly he’s not as entertaining as another PNJ troll, “rjmyers,” who says the Park will use tax “$$$” to create a hangout for “naked homosexuals.”) Bill put his actual address in the “Location” field of his PNJ profile — incidentally the same address where the anti-L.O.S.T. group, Taxpayers for Effective Government, asked (and still asks!) people to send their money — and it’s outside the City limits by the Creekside Golf Course.

    But regarding Wallace’s post: the main point of his original rebuttal was to counter the pro-Park group’s “fantasy” with “facts,” which clearly he failed to do, even in his second response. Just more of the same innuendo and speculation that we’ve come to expect — i.e., that no one will visit the Park until the sewage plant is moved. And the “citizen[s]” of Escambia County will not “decide” to pay $280 million to move the sewage plant. The ECUA will do that, and a large majority of the funds have already been pledged by state and federal agencies. If we have to pay the remainder by way of higher utilities rates, fine: we should count ourselves lucky that so much has already been paid by others. In any event, the CRA funds can’t be applied to the cost of the new sewage plant — a real life FACT the S.O.C. crowd knows full well, but that doesn’t stop them from implying otherwise.

    But speaking of the smell, the Park (if it’s approved) should be finished shortly before or around the time the new sewage plant is operational. Maybe someone will buy the site of the old plant for a pretty penny and make a hotel to complement the conference center. Everyone’s a winner.

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