Gary Bergosh has right to wear uniform

August 28, 2006

lensEscambia County School Board member Gary Bergosh is running for Circuit Court Judge, District 23. He is also a lieutenant colonel in U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and has done a tour of duty in Iraq.

Last week the local media (not IN) questioned whether Bergosh broke any military rules by having a picture of him in uniform in his campaign brochures.

Well, Bergosh asked the U.S. Marine Corps for an opinion. Here is their reply  (Marine response).

The use is permissible. Another non-issue bites the dust.


One Response to “Gary Bergosh has right to wear uniform”

  1. An Observer Says:

    Just checked the WEAR web site. They have this story buried under about 7 other stories, not counting the 3 BIG headlines at the top of the site.

    Maybe if they had done some investigative work before running the story, they could have answered the question at that time instead of leaving that hanging out there. But I guess we should know better than to expect WEAR do do any real investigative work.

    As an aside, this morning, Jarrod was reporting that Ernesto was projected to enter the Gulf and become a Cat 3 storm, which was just off by a couple of days and several hundred miles.

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