Stop Our City Blab Show #2 – mini-review

August 27, 2006

angry Sorry, I couldn’t watch all of the second show without throwing something at the screen. Tommy was replaced with E.W. Hopkins who doesn’t want anything done until the Main St. Sewage Plant is moved. Apparently no one told him that CRA funds can’t be given to ECUA to relocate the plant – it’s against the law.

Then I heard SOC board member and Bilbo groupie Blair Stevenson call in and give Marty some set-up question.

Another pro-SOC caller told the boys that he was tired of Stop Our City being called names.  Remember less than a hour before Marty “Bilbo” Donovan had called Jeff DeWeese a weasel.

I’m still stunned that Charlie is denying the SOC meeting are public meetings.

And will somebody explain their new logic: We don’t want to give up control of the Trillium property to outsiders – but we want to sell it to the highest bidder from a national RFP (who will be outsiders).

Sorry, bloggers, that you weren’t allowed to call into the BLAB show – only three calls were taken in the first 30 minutes. Second show appeared to be jammed by Blair Stevenson and other Kool-Aid drinkers.


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