Stop Our City Blab Show #1 – review

August 27, 2006

screamingCharlie Fairchild and Marty Donovan were joined by the only Afro-American who has ever attended one of their meetings – Tommy White.

Charlie told a caller that the 8/22/06 meeting was a private meeting. He denied that their meetings were ever opened to the public. That’s not what their website says: Read more … click. The Independent News has received weekly emails for months inviting the public to the SOC meetings. Why the lie, Charlie?

Then Marty launched into an attack on CMP supporter Jeff DeWeese – calling him a “weasel” who should be have been kicked out long ago.

Neither mentioned Evan Gray (Stop Our City kicks DeWeese out of meeting). It’s interesting to note the next meeting is at SOC headquarters, not Bayview Senior Center.

When asked about naming the park for Vince Whibbs, Sr, White said he that the naming was a “dog and pony show.” Marty stayed silent.

Now Charlie and Marty say they’re for the maritime museum. Both failed to mention their campaign literature says there is no maritime museum.

NEW SOC MESSAGE: It’s about control. We shouldn’t give control of our waterfront land to anybody.

The irony is under the CMP plan the City approves all transactions and keeps ownership. SOC wants to carve out a park. Then sell the rest of it….which means the City would have no control of it.

Then Marty went into high real estate tax bills – but I didn’t see the connection.

He also said he expect Quint Studer to still donate $2.25 million even if the CMP fails. That means Marty wants Quint’s money for his waterfront park – even though Studer will have to build an office elsewhere and may have to relocate the Pensacola Pelicans. That’s ridiculous.

They also forget to mention the state match goes away if UWF campus isn’t located on the Trillium property.

SOC does nothing to help raise money for the park, but expects to benefit from the efforts of others.


One Response to “Stop Our City Blab Show #1 – review”

  1. buck hall Says:

    I watched the circus for the first time…I get too angry to listen to people who are the epitome of what’s holding Pensacola back. Did Marty not get invited to someone’s birthday Party? Did another council member joke about his “just for men” look? He and Charlie sound like a couple of kids that got picked last on the playground and they are going to get even for it. Tommy White? Could you understand any of the points he tried to make? Go save another city, ours is just fine and trying to move forward.

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