Questions for SOC Blab TV show

August 26, 2006


Stop Our City is on BLAB TV – Sundays, 5:30 pm & 6:30 pm. They usually accept callers. Here are few questions that  need be to answered:

Marty: why were you absent from Thurday’s Pensacola City Council (Aug 24)? Do you support naming the park for Vince Whibbs, Sr.? (Remember SOC can build a better waterfront park)

Marty & Charlie: With millions being donated to the Fetterman Maritime Museum over the past few weeks, does Save Our City still believe there will be no maritime museum in the Community Maritime Park?

Marty & Charlie: Will your waterfront park plan include a maritime museum? Will you name it for Jack Fetterman?

Marty & Charlie: UWF has said that they aren’t interested in managing a maritime museum if they don’t have classrooms in the park complex – which means they will be no state match – how you plan to make up for the millions lost because the museum isn’t part of UWF?

Marty & Charlie: Is there an outdoor amphitheater in your waterfront park plan? The Amphitheater donation by Skip Hunter ($1 million) would have gotten a $1 million match from the state if it’ was a part of UWF. How do you plan to make up the state’s million? Do you know if Mr. Hunter will donate his million to your plan?
Marty & Charlie: If you stop the Community Maritime Park from being built, will you donate or raise the $2.25 million to the museum that Quint Studer was going to donate?

Marty & Charlie: Have you made any donations or financial pledges to the maritime museum?

Marty & Charlie: Are the Save Our City meetings still open to the public? How do you define “public”?

Marty & Charlie: Why was Evan Gray kicked out of your August 22 meeting?

Charlie: Were you the author of the mass email sent out from system that was sent anonymously from “Waterfront”? The webmasters say that you were. Why didn’t you identify yourself?

Marty & Charlie: If the Community Maritime Park loses, will you two and SOC support whatever waterfront park plan that is approved by the City Council if the City holds open forums for 90 days and holds a national RFP for another 90 days?

Marty & Charlie: Do you believe that Vince Whibbs and Jack Fetterman lied to the citizens of Pensacola? Do you believe Judge Lacey Collier is part of an illegal plot to steal land from the City?

Marty & Charlie: Who elected the board members of Save Our City? Name the minorities. Is there anyone under 30 years old on your board? under 35?

Charlie: You have doggedly pursued the emails of city officials and nearly everyone on the pro-park side. Will you and SOC release to media all your emails?

Marty: You are on record as saying moving the Main St. Sewage plant is a top priority. Why did you help your brother buy land across from the plant? Did you advise him not to buy it?
Charlie: As a CPA, do you tell your clients to include any interest paid on loans in the cost of an asset on their balance sheets? Isn’t interest a cost of borrowing, not the asset?

Marty/Charlie: Can you name one downtown minor league baseball park (built in the past 10 years) that has failed?

Charlie: Did you personally meet with and discourage anyone from running against Councilman Marty Donovan?


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