Marty shows lack of class

August 25, 2006

marty.jpgStop Our City co-founder Marty “Bilbo” Donovan showed a complete lack of class last night by not showing up for Pensacola City Council meeting to vote on whether to name the Community Maritime Park, if it passes, for Mayor Emeritis Vince Whibbs, Sr.

Those in attendance passed the motion unanimously. If Pensacola’s Maritime Park Plan is approved by voters on September 5, it will officially be called the Vince Whibbs, Senior Community Maritime Park.

The seven term mayor died of a heart attack in May. We have posted a copy of the speech Vince intended to give the day he died –

Vince Whibbs’ Last Speech – Written but Never Given



21 Responses to “Marty shows lack of class”

  1. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Marty has no class, never did, never will. He has no honor and is in fact a prime example of a political hack, that is to say he’s only interested in bringing glory to himself. For him to acknowledge the incredible leadership of Mayor Whibbs would be contrary to his nature.

    SOC is now attacking the use of the Fetterman and Whibbs names to promote the park, even though the two families not only gave permission but insisted upon using the names of these two great men.

    Yesterday from Marty’s donkey Luke McCoy:

    -Quint Studer is a carpetbagger
    -Fetterman was befuddled by age and duped into supporting Studer’s carpetbaggery
    -UWF owns 80% of all the buildings in downtown Pensacola (a “fact” that will come as a shock to John Cavanaugh)
    -UWF wants to invade downtown Pensacola with liberal and culturally diverse students, faculty and staff and turn Pensacola into Berkeley East

    and out of nowhere:

    Peter King’s 9-11 monument and the downtown pelican statues are “hideous pieces of crap!”

    Way to go, Luke! Bash the memory of your oft-times claimed “friend” Jack Fetterman, Quint Studer, UWF, higher education in general, the 9-11 memorial and the arts, all in one 90 minute radio “show.” I’m sure Marty is proud and there will probably be a bonus jar of pickled eggs in your stocking come December.

    Thanks for posting the Whibbs speech, everyone should read it, especially Marty and Chuck.

  2. Senior Moment? Says:

    Rick, was it intentional to spell out senior in the new name of the park? are you trying to appeal to the SOC crowd by making people think it’s the Senior Community’s Maritime Park? Maybe the soc crowd will reschedule their meetings at the park rather than the Bayview Senior Center?!

  3. Rick Outzen Says:

    No, poor typing skills.


    WOW, Rick! My sentiments exactly! In fact, on behalf of the citizens of Pensacola, who elected and continue to elect public nuisance #1, I would like to express my deepest apologies to the Whibbs family for Marty’s absence at last night’s City Council meeting. Short of terminal illness or death, Marty should have been there to show his support along with the rest of the City Council. For me, someone who has been a continuous supporter of Mr. Donovan, it was downright embarrassing and I was personally mortified.

    Vince Whibbs, Sr. gave the best part of himself to this city and to see his widow standing in front of the Pensacola City Council, so full of character, class and grace as she was being given a standing ovation, it was and is so obvious that she is everything Marty is not. In addition, it was a direct insult to one member of the Whibbs family in particular, Marty’s brother-in-law and Vince Whibbs’ oldest son, Vince Whibbs, Jr.

    So, to Anna Whibbs and the rest of the Whibbs family, please accept my apologies and know that Pensacola stands behind you all the way. Up until last night, I was undecided on the Park issue, but I think my decision has now been made. I don’t tend to side with grown men who act like two-year-olds, gathering their toys when things don’t go their way. It’s just not in my genes.

  5. Courtney Says:

    I’ll play devil’s advocate on this one. If you were Marty Donovan and you voted against the park, helped to form and then lead a political action committee that opposed the Maritime Park and then spoke of the people who are advocates of the park in the manner they did, would it make much sense for you to then vote to commemorate the park in the name of one of the advocates?

    I’ll agree that it wasn’t an honorable action (not showing up) but, in all fairness, he did get painted into the corner on that one.

    If he did vote to name the Maritime Park in Whibbs’ name, wouldn’t he then be ‘for’ the current park plan by virtue of his vote?

  6. Cookies for Jeff Says:

    That’s good, for a moment I thought we had struck a deal with SOC to make it a “SENIOR” park. But maybe that’s not such a bad idea, not downtown of course but maybe in a Wal-Mart parking lot, a Senior Car Park where they can park their Olds 88’s and have a place to crab about young people, maybe the Chuck and Donno Senior Car Park. (no shirt, no shoes, no social security check, no cookies!)

  7. WanderingHoo Says:

    What was Marty’s excuse for missing the Council meeting?

  8. BSoc Fan Says:

    Hey Courtney,

    I understand your point of view, but Donovan has been on the record as stating he is in favor of a park, just not this park. Naming the park (whether it’s the CMPA version, or otherwise) after Mayor Whibbs is a class act, and it’s a shame Marty chose not to participate in that process.


    In response to Courtney: While I appreciate your “devil’s advocate” theory, there are ways to honor the life of someone who has done so much for us without giving up your own personal political position.

    Each of the Council Members had an opportunity at the meeting to express his or her own version of “thanks” to Mayor Whibbs via his family. Marty could have used that chance to state that while he still stood firmly by his anti-park position, he whole-heartedly agreed that whatever is to become of the property be dedicated to our most admirable former Mayor. Instead, he said nothing. And now, here we are on this blog debating what his intentions were by not attending this meeting — a meeting, by the way, that he was elected to attend.

    Furthermore, the corner Marty has been painted into is one that he painted all by himself through his actions and words. And that’s just recently become my opinion. Whining isn’t very flattering.

  10. George H. Says:

    Personal attacks against Marty Donovan? You people are indeed desperate.

    I suppose CMPA is good at convincing people that space gods arriving in flying saucers will save Pensacola from self-destruction, but my point is that we should demand a thoughtful analysis and resolution of our problems with the proposed Maritime Fantasyland Park, after we drive a stake through the heart of this hideous proposal.

    Not that I ever believed the CMPA lies, but at least before now they had some kind of internal consistency; a logic, albeit twisted, that invited refutation. But now, it seems it is desperately flailing about for any pretext, no matter how ludicrous or slight, to overthrow democratic political systems and dictatorially impose martial law upon us, stealing us blind in the process.

    If the Fantasyland Park proposal passes, stock up on dog food, as that will be all the average citizen will be able to afford, what with the back-breaking burden of this mad scheme for 60 years!

  11. CMP Says:

    Relax George.

  12. Rick Outzen Says:

    Tell me one lie that CMP has told. I can give you several that SOC has told.

    As far as the “personal attacks” – Fact: Donovan was not at the meeting. Fact: Naming the park for Vince was on the agenda. Fact: Donovan didn’t vote on the motion.

    Big man would say – ” I admired Vince Whibbs. If we lose this vote, I would be proud to name the park for him.”

  13. Courtney Says:

    Sounding Off, Rick:

    Point well taken, I know that it would have meant more if the entire city council was there to honor Vince Whibbs no matter what their opinions of the park.

    I watched Mayor John Fogg speak about Vince Whibbs and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room afterwards. It was disappointing to not see that empty seat filled especially when we pay to have someone sitting there.

  14. o'brien fan Says:


    Are you Blair Stepehenson?

  15. o'brien fan Says:

    or perhaps Helene Donovan?


    Last post on this topic, I promise. Ranting about this issue is depleting my energy stores, energy that could be used in more positive ways, like waving “Go, Waterfront” signs on street corners.

    I preface this final post with this question posed yet again: just where WAS Marty Donovan last night? Rumor has it that he was walking neighborhoods soliciting citizens who have “Vote Yes” signs in their yards. Or maybe he was out of town or in the emergency room. I haven’t seen or heard anything from the man to justify his absence at an elected officials meeting. It really doesn’t matter, I suppose, because he is not one to just step up to the plate and simply say, “I’m sorry.”

    So, here it is. I have always supported Marty in whatever he did. However, his behavior of late has caused me to question that loyalty. He has taken something that should just be a run-of-the-mill everyday political issue, created a following that is just as off-the-rocker as he is and turned it into a fanatical, raging personal vendetta against a yet-unnamed entity.

    This is not about politics anymore. It bleeds through all walks of life, income levels, religions and political parties. Its boundaries are no longer defineable. It has created such a stir within our community that it makes me wonder if it’s even worth it. Of course, it IS, but I still wonder all the same.

    Anyway, I guess last night’s “message” was the last straw for me. As I sat there watching tears stream down Anna Whibbs’ grief-stricken face, I realized that I no longer want to be associated with anyone who would be so brazen as to turn his back on the memory of such a wonderful man as Mayor Whibbs.

    Good night and good luck…

  17. Jim McClellan Says:

    Here’s a question for George:

    If the CMPA proposal “invited refutation,” why aren’t you refuting? This is a good forum in which to do that. If you’ve got facts that you think dispute what the supporters are saying, then please share them. Just be prepared to defend what you say. This isn’t an audience that’s going to shrink from the debate.

  18. Bradley Says:

    Wow, George! Not to undermine your considerable gift for hyperbole or anything, but where exactly did you get all that nonsense? \”Space gods arriving in flying saucers\”? Are you suggesting CMPA is an extension of Scientology? And how exactly does a nearly-unanimous vote by the City Council for a project that has, according to polls, consistently received a majority of \”solid\” support by Pensacola citizens, as you say, \”overthrow democratic political systems\” or \”dictatorially impose martial law.\” Most opposition to the project, like yourself, has been convinced through the repeated distortions and flat-out lies of S.O.S. that that this project will somehow bankrupt the City and force the \”average citizen\” to \”stock up on dog food,\” a view that frankly has no origin here in the real world. Maybe you can ask your space god friends?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Surely you people are having an early April Fool’s Day – no one in his right mind would support that Studer project.

    Get serious, he is a carpetbagger.

  20. Bradley Says:

    I assume your definition of carpetbagger is similar to my own, i.e. an outsider who exploits people for his own profit. Now look at the Park plan and lease agreement and tell me how Quint Studer (who has lived in the area for something like 15 years) stands to profit from this. What makes your comment even more absurd is that the only detail S.O.C. has devulged from their so-called plan is to sell the property part and parcel to outside developers — the epitome of carpetbaggery — yet you seem quite keen on the idea.

  21. An Observer Says:

    As a constituent of Marty’s district, I can assure you that if he is not going to benefit from an issue, he won’t grace you with his presence or response. I have tried to enlist his help with problems associated with a neighborhood park and with the City’s rec soccer program on numerous occasions, and have not ever recieved any type of response at all. I guess unless he percives he is going to save the world, (or city), he is not willing to get engaged.

    Thank goodness we have Mike Wiggins to help us out as an at-large council member, as he has always stepped up to the plate.

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