It’s late …and I’ve had too much to think – 8/25/06

August 25, 2006

EyeAnger and facts on baseball parks

I’m not happy about my shouting match with Bill Smart (Bill Smart called) today. He was angry and so was I. We both are convinced that we’re right.

I met Bill not long after he and his wife Mary moved to Gulf Breeze. Bill joined the Gulf Breeze Rotary Club – We served on several board of directors together. We never had a disagreement that I can remember.

Today, I listened to man – a millionaire (I write this not because I have a problem with it, but because so many SOC believers have a problem with Quint Studer being a millionaire(Say it ain’t so, Sammy, page 6) -who made sweeping generalizations without any facts to support them.

When I countered his arguments against the baseball park with quotes and facts provided by Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright (Montgomery Mayor says Baseball works), he listened but refused to really accept them.

It’s sad that Bill has lost his openness and objectivity. Or maybe I’m just too naive that I believe once a person is presented with facts that they will change their opinions.

In 2004, we came out for a downtown baseball park (This Is It?) long before even Quint Studer had researched the possibility. Last year, IN editor Duwayne Escobedo investigated downtown baseball parks (Field of Dreams) and found that they are highly successful.

Since then, I’ve argued with nearly every SOC leader and supporter (including C.C. Elebash and P.A. Ucci) who was willing to debate the baseball park. I have debunked every one of their arguments and pointed out the flaws in their “research”.

But in the end, they still refuse to change their position. This summer I tried one more time – asked that Marty Donovan, Luke McCoy, Charles Fairchild and C.C. Elebash name five minor league baseball parks that have been built in downtown areas (at first, I said over the past 5 years, but later I expanded it to 10 years). I would pick 5 parks and we would analyze all ten and publish the results (Outtakes).
They refused to participate. One of their minions emailed me that Elebash thought such a study would be bias. When I asked how, I got no reply.

Yet, it’s the baseball park that has induced Bill Smart to write a steady stream of $5000 checks to SOC. And it’s the baseball park that SOC believes will defeat the CMP plan.

I hope that when I reach the ages of Smart, Elebash and Ucci that my mind will still be open, that I won’t fight change and that I will learn the facts before I form my opinions.

Obviously wisdom doesn’t always come with age.


3 Responses to “It’s late …and I’ve had too much to think – 8/25/06”

  1. An Observer Says:

    Well said Rick. It’s sad that the people associated with this group have to use lies and fear to get people to buy into their scheme and build up their egos.

  2. Jackc Says:

    Rick should move to Pensacola and run for office instead of living in Gulf Breeze and serving on the Gulf Breeze council. He has the ego for public office.

    They don’t really need him. They don’t have alot of problems. It’s beautifully clean, with A schools and a sewer plant that does not make the PNJ.

  3. Rick Outzen Says:

    You got me, Capt. Jack. I do have an ego. Now let’s get to the merits of the Community Maritime Park and why SOC is against it.

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