Firefighters not happy with new interim chief

August 25, 2006


Well, we are pleased that we finally have a Fire Chief. At least now we know what the future holds. But, we cannot believe that Mr. Bonfield has his head buried in the sand so deep that he cannot recognize the problems associated with his selection.

Does Chief Waters have pictures of Bonfield, Coby, and Stalcup in some compromising position(s)? What is the reason they chose a Chief that does not meet the qualifications as Fire Chief?

Chiefs Birgel and Schmidt both met the requirements. Both are short-timers without disappointment of having to return to the ranks. Better yet, is the City helping build the retirement for Chiefs Waters and Madison at the expense of the professionalism of the PFD?

We predicted that Chief Waters would promote his minyons. IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. He has appointed Chief Madison as Deputy Chief, and stated that Chief Lane will retire in his position. People are getting ready for transfers. Not because of qualifications but, they are either Melonites or not.

We have a new term for them – Melanomas. The cancer is killing us and we found out in his interview with WEAR, that “my grandfather was a fireman, my daddy was a fireman, I guess it was about time we had a Fire Chief in the family”. But at what expense.

This a man who was disciplined for having purchased alcoholic beverages while wearing the uniform and driving a City vehicle. And you wonder why the Port Director did not have a problem until recently. Guess this goes on everywhere in the City.

Obviously City Council doesn’t care. We have spoken with many of the Council Members and they say it used to be much worse. So we should get over it. After looking at the safety violations on A watch (Madison’s) and then his promotion, we are uncertain as to our future.

We sincerely hope that someday you will be able to provide some light to the matter. We have our sources and your have yours. Perhaps we will all be able to see the forest through the trees.

Thanks again for cleaning up government and keeping them honest. They obviously believe that the cannot be touched by this one. Who knows, perhaps this is true. Perhaps some promises where made behind closed doors between Bonfield, Coby, Stalcup and Waters. Perhaps there is some plan. But this email will not go to Council or the mayor. They don’t seem to care about right and wrong, only getting their way.

– Dennis Smith – Local 707


One Response to “Firefighters not happy with new interim chief”

  1. pp101 Says:


    ask the only paramedic—that was ‘the only paramedic'(hired) before he joined the PFD/KISSASSCORP- FORMER EMS WRKR—IF…he has real knowledge-if meleotoious… FELL OUT -BEFORE BEING HIRED BY THE FPFD/LICENSE AND INSURED??? —lookat thekeybrd and backup one- te/tj
    feistakey one!
    as furburnfull- he got his job from terminating- the lady that hired him…!

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