BSoc demands to be in WSRE park debate

August 25, 2006

WSRE program to spotlight Maritime Park referendum vote

WSRE TV will broadcast a special, one-hour edition of its popular program, ‘Connecting the Community’ Thursday, August 31 at 7:00 pm. The CTC Special: Maritime Park Referendum will feature a live question and answer forum with representatives from both sides of the controversy taking questions from local journalists.

The televised discussion will offer a final, comprehensive look at the option of building a multi-use community park on Pensacola’s downtown bay front, just days before city voters decide to approve or reject the park development.

“It’s an important community decision with implications stretching far into the future of Pensacola. We want to provide citizens with the facts in an organized and non-partisan format, one last time before the vote,” states Tony Ferguson, program producer.

Pensacola residents will vote September 5 to approve or reject a city council resolution to create a maritime park located on a controversial 27 acre parcel of bay front property owned by the city.

“We’re going to have equal representation from park supporters and the opposition here. Our format will give local journalists from print, radio and television an opportunity to ask fair and balanced yet challenging questions to both sides,” said Ferguson.

WSRE moderator Robin Woods will host a panel of journalists from the Pensacola News Journal, the Independent News, WEAR-TV, and WUWF-FM.

For more information please call WSRE at 850-484-1211

PNJ Article: Park friends, foes plan last-minute events


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