BSoc also kicks out Jeff DeWeese

August 25, 2006

partyAt last night’s meeting of Better Save Our City at Golden Correl, Jeff DeWeese (Stop Our City kicks DeWeese out of meeting)was asked to leave after stuffing his pockets with free cookies.

“Who does DeWeese think he is? Tom Banjanin?” asked one BSoc board member. The BSoc later asked DeWeese back after it was discovered that those were Oreos that he had in his pockets before he came to the meeting.

No young professionals, minorities or old people were publicly ridiculed or asked to leave.

There were two known Stop Our City spies at the meeting. With one, BSoc swapped his hearing aid for an iPod and he listened to a download of Air America’s Ring of Fire for two hours. The second spy – BSoc – switched his oxygen tank with laughing gas – he giggled the entire meeting…and talked about freeing Willy.


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