Baseball matters to entrepreneurs

August 25, 2006


The Top Midsize Cities for Entrepreneur List has Pensacola #42. See Top Midsize Cities
All the top 10 cities have minor league baseball teams!!!!!


3 Responses to “Baseball matters to entrepreneurs”

  1. Dilligaf Says:

    Pensacola does not have a minor league team. It can be called a sub-minor league team or a semi-pro team, but do not mistake it for minor league.

    Indeed, it cannot be upgraded to minor-league status because of the no-compete clause within professional baseball. Mobile would not allow it with its own attendance figures lagging.

  2. Rick Outzen Says:

    What never ceases to amaze me is how you and other anti-parkers make such statements with no basis in fact. So you start namecalling. Your attempt to label the Pelicans something other than a minor league team is too silly to respond to.

    However, a rivalry with Pensacola will help Mobile and Montgomery. The territorial clause can be bought out – why don’t you email the Mobile owner and ask him?

    I suggest you listen to my interview with the Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright. Montgomery had a team, the Wings, in the first league that the Pelicans played in. It went under. Montgomery spent $30 million (all public money) on a new stadium and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays moved their Orlando affiliate there. They are ahead of schedule on repaying the loans because the team is so successful.

    The same thing will happen here – build the stadium and the Pelicans will become affiliated.
    My worry is the 3500-seat stadium is too small. I just wish you would look at real facts and not repeat Elebash nonsense.


  3. Cordova Parker Says:

    I am not a big baseball fan, but I’d love to have the opportunity to take the family down to the bay to watch a ball game and eat some hot dogs. Not to mention that it could also be used for other local teams, such as high school baseball and soccer teams.

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