UCF lands big economic fish

August 24, 2006

coffee  If ever question what a university can do for the economy of an area, look at the University of Central Florida. In 1984, UCF and UWF were on equal footing – both small universities under the shadow of UF and FSU.

Orlando and UCF made a commitment to growth. UCF is  now a major university – their athletic teams compete with UF and FSU (yes, they have football team that actually played a bowl game last season). UCF is adding a medical school that is expected to pump $1.4 billion in the local economy within the first decade of its opening.

Yesterday it was announced that Burnham Institute will expand to Orlando – creating 300 high-paying jobs and generating another 3200 over the next 15 years. Burnham seen as ‘big-bang win’ for economy

Folks, we’ve got to get behind UWF and help it reach its potential. The CMP and its downtown campus for UWF are good starts.


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