Montgomery Mayor says Baseball works

August 24, 2006

I interviewed Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright for In Your Head Radio. He talks about how an new minor league baseball park that was built in 2003 in the downtown of Montgomery, Alabama as helped turn his city around.

Baseball does work!!!!

click on the 11.2 M under the Windows Media column


One Response to “Montgomery Mayor says Baseball works”

  1. Brian Matthews Says:

    Wow, great stuff! Before the Stop Our Civilization bunch gets started with “there’s no comparing Montgomery to Pensacola, Montgomery is a MUCH larger city,” here’s the info to quash their silly, petty argument:

    (source: US Census

    As of 2005 the Pensacola SMSA is ranked at 107 with a population of 437,135

    As of 2005 the Montgomery SMSA is ranked at 135 with a population of 355,181

    SMSA (standard metropolitan statistical area) is the statistical area reflecting a city’s true population, counting only contiguously developed urban development. I doubt if the SOC buffoons actually believe their oft-repeated nonsense that Pensacola is a tiny backwater with a population of 56,000. The political entity that is the city yes does have a small population but the larger entity surrounding it, the true Pensacola, is quite sizeable and a source for powerful political and cultural change.

    To insist for the sake of their argument that there are only a total of 56,000 people who could possibly ever utilize the Waterfront Park is asinine at best.

    They also use this idiotic manipulation of facts to cry “we can never compete with Mobile, its a MUCH larger city!” Here are the facts on out sister city to the west:

    As of 2005 the Mobile SMSA is ranked at 119 with a population of 400,526

    again for comparison:

    As of 2005 the Pensacola SMSA is ranked at 107 with a population of 437,135

    Metro areas HALF or even ONE THIRD our size have done astonishing things to revitalize their old urban centers. If the liars at SOC want to use numbers to distort the truth, point them to these statistics.

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