Health of Escambia County is Bleak

August 24, 2006

docThat’s what Dr. James Studnicki told the audience at the public meeting held today at Heritage Hall. Studnicki was sharing the results of the Comprehensive Assessment for Tracking Health report that was commissioned by the Partnership for a Healthy Community.

On many health indicators, this community is no better than some Third World countries.  Of all the health factors studied Escambia County scored favorable in less than 26%. The death rates of Escambia county is almost 20% higher than the state average.

Major problem areas:

Elderly abuse, suicide rates, all cancer deaths, cardiovascular and heart disease deaths, stroke-caused deaths, poison fatalities, preventable hospitalizations (like diabetes).

No Escambia County Commissioners or Pensacola City Councilmen were in the audience.  Escambia County is spending less on public health today than it did 20 years ago.


One Response to “Health of Escambia County is Bleak”

  1. J Says:

    The rednecks running, and for that matter inhabiting, our part of the world have got the dumbest, cheapest, meanest, least evolved, etc., ad infinitum. Mobile. It ain’t much, but it’s home. At least you’re right on the Gulf, but with what you’ve been through lately, that may not be much consolation.

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