SOC declares war…pro-park signs stolen

August 23, 2006

screamingPensacola Police found a large number of “Vote Yes” signs in the yard of Pensacola residence.  It was just hours after Stop Our City closed its “public” meeting and Councilman Marty Donovan refused to reopen it to the public

Grover Robinson has faced a similar problem – Who is stealing Grover’s signs? – Stop Our City supports his opponent, Tom Banjanin. Coincidence?

Folks, watch out. Expect more illegal emails, anonymous phone calls and stolen signs.


5 Responses to “SOC declares war…pro-park signs stolen”

  1. WanderingHoo Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that a large percentage of the SOS signs are placed in vacant lots or yards with “for sale” signs in them?

    Drive along Cervantes and then up either Bayou or 12th. If you see a vacant overgrown lot – there’s a SOS sign in front of it. To the casual observer it looks like “Man, there’s a whole bunch of folks opposed to this thing. What am I missing?” What you’re missing is actual people living at the addresses with these signs in front of them.

    I guess the area’s overgrown lots have decided to support each other from being developed. SOS isn’t a grass roots movement they are more of a ragweed monument.

  2. Citizen Kane Says:

    I can envision a fleet of 1972 Oldsmobiles swooping in on a group of “Vote Yes” signs with the radio blaring Wagner’s Ride of the Valkries. Chuckie turns to Dono and says “I love the smell of Metamucil in the morning. It smells like …..victory!”

  3. Courtney Says:


    Rick made that same comment about a week ago. I know how fun it would be to pretend that this is the case but I have seen just as many “I’m For the Waterfront Park” signs in vacant lots and right-of-ways. I drive around a couple of hours every day of the week around Pensacola.

    I think it’s a bit of stretch to draw any conclusions about the extent of the support of the opponents of the plan merely by analyzing the location and number of signs.

    For instance, I don’t want one of those signs that say “I think we can build a better park” in my yard. But I don’t support the park plan.
    I know about 50 other people who feel the same way. Just becuase you put more than one sign in your yard supporting your position doesn’t make your opinion any more important than the next person. You only get one vote!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    really Rick- no offense- but this blog is the epitamy of having nothing to talk about- Every campaign complains of this, it really goes with the territory. The candidate know nothing of this, it is usually overzealous volunteers- Give it a rest- and blog about important things- like people running redlights or jaywalkers crossing palafox from Jack and Ron’s to New York Nick’s- That is entertaining blogging-

  5. WanderingHoo Says:

    Courtney –

    I agree to the degree that judging any campagin by yard signs shows only who which side managed to put up signs in whatever yards you happen to pass by. Which gets back to the point of my post:

    Putting up signs in vacant lots and unoccupied property is a form of astroturfing and not an accurate representation of the level of support a position or candidate can expect at the polls.

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