SOC emails breaks the law

August 22, 2006

SOC FairchildThe email in the post – SOC mass email – appears to break the anti-spam laws. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 requires a contact name, clear identification of the party emailing the piece, and a physical mailing address for the party sending out the email.

If Charles Fairchild sent the email, as it’s rumored, he may have also broken Florida campaign laws by not identifying the email as a campaign piece from the Save Our City PAC.

Why was he afraid to put his name on it? Why did he say its from “Waterfront Park” and not “Save Our City”?


2 Responses to “SOC emails breaks the law”

  1. anonymous Says:

    The link on the email goes to a website that proclaims itself to be a subsidiary of Admin contact for Gulf1 is

    Domain Name: GULF1.COM

    Administrative Contact :
    West, Micheal S
    8175 SIX PENCE DR
    PENSACOLA, FL 32514-4743
    Phone: (904) 476-3126
    Fax: (904) 476-3126

    He would be the one to check with as to who sent the email.

  2. Jeff DeWeese Says:

    Mike West was contacted today and stated that Charles Firchild wrote the message. Any doubts?

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