DIB rally for Waterfront Park

August 22, 2006

pyp 1Today’s Downtown Improvement Board rally for the Community Maritime Park was a huge success. Over hundred people filled Ferdinand Plaza in support the CMP.

Pensacola Chamber of Commerce chairman Buzz Ritchie thanked the crowd for attending. He defended the chamber’s position in favor of the waterfront park. “We have always taken position on issues that we are believe are important for the community. We believe in this project and in the vision of great leaders like Adm. Jack Fetterman and Mayor Vince Whibbs.”

DIB President Dan Lozier read off a long list of CRA district businesses that are in favor of the CMP. “The waterfront park plan will not raise anyone’s taxes. The Downtown businesses are paying for this park (75% of all CRA revenues are collected from businesses) and we want this park.”

DIB Board member Sandra Ward, Denis McKinnon Jr.(JME Realty) & Pensacola Sports Association president Marty Stanovich also spoke.

At the end, the crowd walked over to the Supervisor of Elections office to vote.

Those in the crowd: Pensacola City Council: Jack Nobles, Mike DeSorbo, Mike Wiggins. Joe Endry, Robin Martin, Greg Litton, Nathan Kahn, Collier Merrill, Connie Lewis, Scott Sallis, Bruce McDonald, Belinda DeKozan, Kim Kimbrough, David Bailey, Jeni Bailey, Tom Bonfield, Kevin Cowper, Harris Reynolds, Ellis Bullock, Jeff Rogers, Dennis Larry, Dr. John Cavanaugh, Miller and Debbie Caldwell, Eddie Pittman, Natalie Prim, Mike Frey, Corbett Davis III, Cherry Fitch.

PYP: John Hosman, James Hosman, Michelle Rushing, Ashley Hodge, Richard and Jenny Buckley, Natasha Roberts, Chelsea Taylor, Summer Burdick, Jason Crawford, Ashley Hamlin.


One Response to “DIB rally for Waterfront Park”

  1. Pensacola Pete Says:

    After forgoing the new and improved Nice Luke personna, our favorite Grinch-Coot Luke McCoy just announced on his radio show (4:10 p.m.) that the DIB rally was a HUGE failure and nobody showed up except the organizers and ONE woman (his proof is the photo on the PNJ web site).

    It looks like this one is going to stay nasty right down to election day and beyond. Lies, lies, lies, lies, it is truly amazing McCoy’s pants have not long ago burst into flames.

    KUDOS to Appleyard on the GREAT new pro-park spot!

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