Intelligent Design and Escambia Co. Public Schools

August 21, 2006

dinoTodd Leonard supporter and consistent blogger Tom has written that Intelligent Design is taught in the science classes of the Escambia County public schools. I asked the school district to send me the page or pages from the textbook. They emailed a page that has one paragraph on the subject.
Here is what is taught on the origins of life. I think it’s fair and balanced and that ID doesn’t need to be made into a campaign issue.

PDF File:  Origins of Life


2 Responses to “Intelligent Design and Escambia Co. Public Schools”

  1. Tom Says:


    Glad to see you embrace academic freedom. Very encouraging indeed. But, as you have said in the past yourself, one paragraph mentioning intelligent design in passing is hardly the same thing as teaching the theory of intelligent design.

    Encouraging nonetheless.


  2. My Kids' Dad Says:


    What if some one else’s ID theory is different than yours, such as a Gaia based theory? Is it okay if we teach our kids that type of ID.

    Also, at what point would Mr. Leonard and you be satisfied as far as the amount of time and curriculum your ID theory was being taught?

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