I am confused….Bilbo politics live in SOC

August 21, 2006

screamingThe Stop Our City campaign literature says that there is no maritime museum included in the Community Maritime Park. But last week Ted Brown and Kathy Horton-Brown of Pensacola committed $500,000 to the Admiral John H. Fetterman State of Florida Maritime Museum and the State of Florida will match it. ($1 million maritime museum gift)

Either the Browns are fools for donating money to a non-existent museum or Marty Donovan, Charles Fairchild, C.C. Elebash, Sam Hall, Jerry Howard and the rest of the SOC brain-trust are liars.

At the very least they would make Sen. Theodore Bilbo proud.Bilbo


2 Responses to “I am confused….Bilbo politics live in SOC”

  1. Pensacola Pete Says:

    The most recent SOC campaign flier asks “Where’s the Museum?” Implying there are no plans for the maritime museum in the CMP project. This follows their previous accusation that the museum was dumped in favor of a UWF archaeological institute, an allegation they were forced to retract.

    Same old BS, lies, smears and idiocy from this bunch. With the addition of the Brown Family’s generous donation, there is slightly over $6 million dollars in hard money and state matching funds already in the coffers to build the Fetterman Museum, which is and always has been one of the cornerstones of the CMP project.

    Watching the old boys on BLAB-TV over the weekend, I got a true sense of what is going on here, a collection of over the hill self-important geezers trying to make themselves relevant in the 21st Century by raining on everybody’s parade.

    Their choice of theme music for their TV show-and-tell half hour speaks volumes about what their real agenda is; they use The Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner. It’s one of the most martial pieces of music ever composed and has been used by various militaries to scare the crap out of the uneducated.

    Most notably used in Apocalypse Now to scare the Vietnamese villagers. Nice symbolism on the part of SOC, they are the all powerful and all knowledgeable, everyone else is an ignorant peasant. It’s also further proof the SOC considers themselves to be at war.

  2. Save Our Society Says:

    The first and last time I watched the propaganda being dispensed on the SOC show, I was also struck by their choice of theme music. Wagner’s music was a favorite of Adolf Hitler. Much has been written about the influence Wagner’s music had on Hitler and the development of his nazi philosophy. It is an appropriate musical theme to instill fear and malign those you oppose.

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