Review of Sunday papers across the state

August 20, 2006

newspaperSunday Papers:

Miami Herald sees the Sept. primary as a vote on the Jeb Bush legacy: 06 Primary: The Florida vote

St. Pete Times analyses the Davis vs. Smith race: Davis vs. Smith a hard sell in S. Fla.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel looks a condo boom going bust: Rampant overbuilding means condo boom may go bust
So does Orlando Sentinel: Soaring condo plans come down to earth.

(RO NOTE: Could it be Mark O’Brien and others plans to replace CMP plan with condos really might not work?)

Sarasota Herald Tribune -Property owners in Charlotte, Manatee and Sarasota counties are facing a $300 million tax increase this year, fueled by last year’s real estate boom.To rebate or spend windfall?

(RO Note: Okaloosa County is the only one up here that is lowering property taxes)

And the PNJ does a solid job of reviewing the Community Maritime Park vote: A city divided; Project opponents say funds from CRA would serve better purpose elsewhere; Funding from public, private contributions.


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