Vote on BSoc issues

August 17, 2006

partyUnlike SOC, we want our members to tell us what they’re concerned about. Vote in the comment section which issues you want us to tackle. Or suggest your own.

  • Close Dog parks – Dogs don’t pay taxes
  • Don’t pave Airport Runways – First runways were grass.
  • Build the Elebash Wall around the City…after a national RFP, of course.
  • Ask City Council to impreach Councilman Donovan. If vote fails, do a referendum to repeal the vote.

Yes, We CAN build a better Save Our City!


7 Responses to “Vote on BSoc issues”

  1. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:

    I’d like to see BSoc address the following issues, in no particular order:

    1) Send SWAT team to Charleston, SC to kidnap Mayor Joe Riley. Install him as Pensacola’s temporary strong mayor until a better replacement can be found. Suggested interim term: fifteen years.

    2) Require all downtown restaurants holding liquor licenses to remain open past 10:00 on weekdays. No compliance, no license.

    3) Declare eminent domain on Pensacola News Journal property; redevelop site into affordable downtown housing and new elementary school. Relocate paper to Century, providing high paying jobs to stimulate their economy.

    4) Leave dog parks open, but institute a “poop tax” of $1.00 per ‘donation.’ Monies go to endow the Charles Fairchild Accounting Professorship at the University of West Florida. Recipient of the endowment award must teach at UWF’s downtown campus at the Maritime Park.

  2. Richard Hawkins Says:

    Issue an RFP for the Bayview Senior Center property. The city could make millions off a Purina / Iams competition.

  3. Jeff DeWeese Says:

    I recommend implementing an independent panel to rate politcal ads facts presented.

    5-Impeccible Facts…approved by BSOC
    4-Very factual but with some liberties…close enough after a few Coronas
    3-Half the facts…McCoy could do a whole show
    2-A little true…marty could keep a straight face
    1-Is CC Elebash behind that curtain

  4. BSoc Fan Says:

    Falsify City’s historical records from 1901-1902, claiming Pensacola was briefly occupied by Russian army. Rename Pensacola the City of Six Flags, then watch bed taxes soar as confused tourists from Alabama and Georgia create windfall for local economy.

  5. WanderingHoo Says:

    Close the Three Mile Bridge and convert it into a fishing pier. Ever since Ivan people haven’t been able to fish the bay without being rich.

    Use the Trillium property as a parking lot for the new ferry system to carry folks across the Bay, just like in the good old days.

  6. Pcola Native Says:

    Sell naming rights to the relocated ECUA facility. Schedule community wide celebration as the privately funded Exlax Sewage Treatment Plant is completed on time and under budget.

  7. can't wait for sept 6th Says:

    how about the city seceding from the county?

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