IN Martini Night – 8/16/06

August 17, 2006

MartiniRandom conversations:

The League of Women Voters is not taking a position on the Community Maritime Park. They are upset with the Pensacola City Council for not following the law on the referendum vote.  SOC drug out the verification process by not turning the signatures in until the last day. They could have had them verified as they got them. The Council put off accepting the verification and establishing the date of the vote as long as possible.

The delay may have saved the City $100,000 by waiting for Sept. 5, but it didn’t follow the letter of the law.

Escambia School Board elections are heating up. Stidham has sought and gotten Teacher Union support…which is not as helpful as it seems. Bergosh will make the run-off in District 1, but no one can tell if Leonard or Waters will be his opponent.

Dem. Gov. candidate Rod Smith is picking up endorsements all over the state. Most impressive one is St. Petersburg Times. Smith picked up major support and dollars in Destin from dormant Democrats. His wife, DeeDee, is in town Thursday.

The African American Heritage Society will host a fall film festival in conjunction with the Pensacola film festival. They will debut a trailer for controversial movie on racism in Jay, FL. The film is produced by a local woman and will has already won a spot on next year’s Tribecca film festival.

PS: BSoc picked up several new members. SOC was home watching Walker Texas Ranger and the Golden Girls.

Again BSoc wins. Yes, We CAN build a better Save Our City!


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