Fear has a new face

August 17, 2006

SOC FairchildStop Our City founder Charles Fairchild spent yesterday in Belmont-Devillers area of the city telling people that since they are in the CRA, their taxes will be going up.

Charlie has scared the old folks in Cordova Park & East Hill. Now he’s out to frighten the black community with a new set of lies.

CRA taxes are the property tax rates set by the county and the city. Neither are raising their tax rates. The County has had the same rate for 13 years!!!

Tell the truth, Charlie. Do Certified Public Accountants have an ethics board?

Folks, is this man you want controlling your City along with Donovan and Elebash?

PS. We can build a better Save Our City – without lies.


One Response to “Fear has a new face”

  1. Nick Bodkins Says:

    Since he is principally involved in the PAC, if this charge is substantiated, are there etchical or legal ramifications to this? Can he just spout lies (not what one side or the other would percieve to be lies) about taxes to the community? I just don’t see how making empty statements like that on behalf of a PAC wouldn’t violate some sort of campaign laws, but then again, I haven’t gotten to that class in college yet. I might be completely wrong. Someone care to clarify for me?

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