BSoc won’t wait

August 17, 2006

partyThere has been a lengthy debate among Better Save Our City members over whether we should wait for the ECUA Main Street Sewage Treatment plant to be moved before we replace Save Our City.

By a 28,745 to 26,706 vote, it was decided to not wait for the plant to be relocated. We don’t believe there will any difference in odor inside SOC before or after the plant is moved.

Yes, We CAN build a Better Save Our City!


2 Responses to “BSoc won’t wait”

  1. BSoc Fan Says:

    I really think it’s imperative to have our priorities right…first get rid of the odorous stench that has ruined downtown for years, and then we can focus on moving the sewer plant.

  2. Rick Outzen Says:

    Apparently the majority of the BSoc members agree. I submit to their and your wisdom.

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