STOP OUR CITY Meeting Notes

August 16, 2006

no trespassingStop Our City met last night at Bayview Community Center for exactly 61 minutes. The refreshments included oatmeal cookies, ginger snaps, Kool Aid and oxygen. Hospitality chairs CC Elebash and Blair Stevenson made sure only Pensacola residents were allowed to have cookies. Jeff DeWeese wasn’t allowed any Kool Aid, unless he brought his own cup.

Charlie Fairchild opened the meeting to discuss yard signs. He reminded members that signs are suppose to go in the front yard, not the back. They can’t be used as TV dinner trays.

Several members agreed that they didn’t like the City using the five flags and want to reduce the number to three. Another wanted to stop Day Light Savings Time. Another wanted Krispy Kreme to quit flashing its “Hot Donuts” sign…”It messes with my hearing aid.” Another wanted a law requiring people wear black socks with sandals.

One member asked what was SOC’s better waterfront plan. He was immediately bitch slapped by CC Elebash. “There is no plan, you idiot. We isn’t us. It’s the voters. Who cares about a plan? We’ll get a referendum to stop that one, too.”

Elebash said. “Stay on message….kills baby seals, cuts social security, rapes farm animals and no guaranteed waterfront access.”

Meeting was adjourned after a prayer for Luke McCoy.

……The notes aren’t verbatim…but this is what I gathered based on conversations overheard at the Coffee Cup.


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