Gallagher visits IN offices

August 16, 2006

TGGOP Gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher visited the office today. Duwayne and I interviewed him for an hour.

Very impressive. Intelligent – very knowledgeable on the insurance crisis. Nuts & bolt type of guy who is very comfortable going into detail on his programs.

Handed out a flyer that showed how his positions are more aligned with Gov. Jeb Bush than Charlie Crist. [There are rumors that Bush may endorse Gallagher right before the election, but Gallagher made no inference that he expected it to happen]

TG expressed frustration with Crist constantly changing his message. “I come out with portability of property values within a county. Crist then announces he’s for portability statewide. He has no idea how a statewide program would work. Neither do I.”

On Insurance, TG placed blame firmly on Citizens Insurance -didn’t have enough adjusters or a system to track the claims. Four hurricanes overwhelmed them.

What’s driving insurance premiums up now is the reinsurance costs. Insurance companies that once paid 12% to reinsure – now pay 50 to 70%. TG is working on a system to help with the reinsure issue. I could try to explain, but my brain would burst.

Agrees with Gov. Bush stance on off shore drilling – limit to beyond 125 miles from shore. “If we do nothing, the drilling ban will expire Jan 07.”

Opposes gay adoption – not adopting gays, but gays adopting children – he want to increase grants to traditional families to help with adoption – $10K, $20K for special needs kids.

Pro-life: wants 24 hour waiting period before abortion.

Education: considering a constitutional amendment for school vouchers. Wants to help F schools by getting the principals additional funds and making them the CEO’s of their schools. Wants more flexibility on class size. “I have a choice for my son of a class with 25 kids and a super teacher or a class of 15 kids with a so-so teacher. I will choose the class of 25 kids and a super teacher.”

Wants to establish a commerical property version of Citizens to help small businesses.


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