BSoc enlists Michael O’Donovan

August 16, 2006

donovan booksLocal professional photographer, author and environmentalist Michael O’Donovan has joined Better Save Our City (SC). This gives us our own Donovan…who is even better because he has an extra letter on his last name.

O’Donovan is the author of “Florida’s Northwest”, a photographic a journey of discovery through the most wildly scenic and environmentally fragile regions of the country. His dedication to nature and the environment of the Northwest Florida region is exemplified by the roles he has assumed on the board of various environmental groups, such as Gulf Coast Environmental Defense and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE).

He has more than mustache… Michael has a full beard. Again we’re better.

Yes, We CAN build a better Save Our City!


2 Responses to “BSoc enlists Michael O’Donovan”

  1. MarilynPcola Says:

    Michael O’Donovan is a dedicated environmentalist who loves Florida and Pensacola. We are so lucky to have him in our area. His book takes readers on a wonderful stroll through NW Florida and his photographs make you see it with new eyes. If Michael is for the waterfront park, then count me in.
    P.S. If it passes Sept. 5th, can we ban the SOC members from the park? Just a thought. :o)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yeah he’s family – great photographer!

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