Better Save Our City (SC)

August 16, 2006

BilboTheodore Bilbo

The Independent News staff is fed up with disingenuous rhetoric of Save Our City PAC. Therefore, we’re forming the Better Save Our City Social Club.

Our mission is to enlighten the public on capital projects and community initiatives that we believe are for the betterment of Pensacola and all Northwest Florida, and to complain about and to lampoon those who believe are holding back the area. Coronas are optional.

We hope to hold a press conference soon to announce our bylaws and upcoming events.

Our slogan is “We can build a better Save Our City.”

No relatives of Theodore Bilbo or Bilbo wannabes are allowed. However, if others are interested in joining (no dues), email me at We’ll get you on the Better SOC newsletter.


One Response to “Better Save Our City (SC)”

  1. Casey Jongko Says:


    Where do we sign up??? 🙂

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