Inside the bowels of SOC….be sure to wash your hands

August 15, 2006

angryHere are 55 more pages of Stop Our City emails.

  • You will find Brian Spencer trying to explain a lecture by Charleston Mayor Joe Riley to Charlie Fairchild.
  • P.A. Ucci grilling the City, Quint Studer, UWF pres. John Cavanaugh and Adm.Fetterman.
  • Jan 2005 meetings of the 8574 Alliance – the predecessor of Stop Our City.
  • John Wyche asking Marty Donovan to help for ESP to advertise in black papers and Wyche promising to get Donovan’s viewpoint printed.
  • William Cobb’s rantings
  • C.C. Elebash’s attempts to not allow non-city residents to attend a forum at Bayview.

Read on – More Donovan emails: How to Stop a City


One Response to “Inside the bowels of SOC….be sure to wash your hands”

  1. o'brien fan Says:

    Geez – I sure hope the next batch of e-mails includes something more interesting than the tired rants of Cobb and Ucci and Marty patting himself on the back. Poor John Wyche pandering himself to sell an ad – what a shame. I guess that Marty took out all of the love notes where Blair tells him that he is such a stud, etc. Come on – give us the good stuff!

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