I’ve had too much to think tonight – 8/15/06

August 15, 2006

EyeThe Community Maritime Park and Stop Our City battle has moved far from what the real issues are…I must take some of the blame (I’m Catholic, so guilt trips come easy).

We’ve got the battle of the radio talk hosts – WCOA’s Luke McCoy and WEBY’s Kenneth Lamb. SOC loves McCoy and is spending huge amounts of time attacking Lamb. Kenneth dishes out like the pro he is and can take on all comers.

The PNJ is split – SOC loves columnist Mark O’Brien who desires condos on the waterfront. Carl Wernicke and Reggie Dogan like the the CMP plan.

On the Internet: Gulf1.com and the WCOA Pensacola Forum (which was eventually closed for racists comments) are the SOC strongholds. This blog is the counterpoint.

We’ve got leaders like Quint Studer, UWF Pres. John Cavanaugh, Judge Lacey Collier, the late Adm. Jack Fetterman and Mayor Vince Whibbs, Mort O’Sullivan, Nancy Fetterman, Sen. John McCain, Saints owner Tom Benson, Sen. Bill Nelson, ABC host David Hartman, Eight City Councilmen, Mayor John Fogg, Pensacola Young Professionals on the CMP side.

SOC has Marty & Helene Donovan, Charles Fairchild, CC Elebash, Sam Hall, Melanie Nichols, P.A. Ucci, William Cobb and a cast of AARP members.

Stop Our City shouts its message in quick hitting soundbites – 60 year lease, just a baseball park, $1 a year, no control, $100 million, land giveaway, no public input, no guaranteed public access – some are a half-truths, others are outright lies.

CMPA gets caught up in being so honest and clean in its message that it often finds itself trying to counter the misstatements by SOC. For two years, they have jumped thru every hoop that SOC put in front of them…only to realize that SOC could never be satisfied.

The Trillium property has been vacate for 20 years. For the two years after the first Trillium proposal failed, SOC’s predecessor – 8574 Alliance – did nothing. They didn’t offer any plans, hold any public forums or push the council to do a national RFP.

It will be no different this time should they win. It’s easy to pick apart any proposal and SOC will do so. We’re just kidding ourselves if we think they will offer a positive alternative. No amount of public hearings or national RFPs will satisfy this group.

CMPA needs to go back to its positive message. The park is a project that we all can be proud of. It’ll add vibrancy to our entire area. The CMP will be a place to take your family and friends and will attract positive attention to the community.

It’s a win-win-win – protects our waterfront access, promotes and preserves our unique maritime history, brings our university closer to the community, creates a lively entertainment, sports and retail district that compliments what Pensacola already has to offer, and it creates more diversity in job market.

CMP is about our children and the legacy we leave them.


3 Responses to “I’ve had too much to think tonight – 8/15/06”

  1. Jami Clevenger Says:

    The SOC supporters are losing it. Yesterday, (8/15) on Pensacola Speaks, a caller to Mr. McCoy commented that the Maritime Park Supporters were trying to recruit Christians to their cause because in the cartoon drawings of Chuckie and Donno, the artist drew a “subliminal message” of the Christian Fish on the chin of the guy sitting on the left side of the cartoon. I was driving down the road and when I heard it, I almost had a wreck. How funny that was! How paranoid, how nutty. Now a chin dimple on a cartoon has turned into a religious symbol…..

  2. East Hill Native Says:

    If that is the worst you’ve heard on Pensacola Speaks, the you don’t listen nearly enough.

  3. Bill McBride Says:

    What’s this linkage of AARP and SOC. My wife and I, and Roger McDonald too, are AARP age and strongly support the Community Maritime Park. This is a plan Pensacolians of all ages, backgrounds, yes, races, and whatever category you can think of, need to support. Build the CMP as the Main Street Sewer Plant moves out. Out with the stink (MSSP and SOC!) and in with the CMP! Onward toward th future of our city and young people – as well as we AARP-age types.

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