Donovan emails: Sam Hall delivers Elebash message

August 15, 2006

screamingSam Hall is running on the “Stop Our City ticket” for Pensacola City Council – District 2. The emails in the PDF below show how he served as a go-between for Marty and the gang with Young Republicans and Young Democrats in fall of 2005.  He also “buttered up” Mark O’Brien.

The most troubling email is the one to a Mr. Luke (page 6) where he blatantly misrepresents the Community Maritime Park proposal.

He writes Quint Studer is “asking the citizens of Pensacola to give him the city-owned, waterfront property across from City Hall…”   RO NOTE: Perfect Elebash crafted attack on Studer, not the park. This is no way a gift. Lie #1  

“He (Studer) wants to have control of the property”  RO NOTE: Lie # 2- The property stays owned by the City. It will be managed by a non-profit group – Community Maritime Park Associates – of which Studer will not have a board seat. Studer will not control the property.

“The property is valued at $50 million dollars.”  RO NOTE: Lie # 3 – Hall and SOC have done no appraisals of the property. The City of Pensacola did two – both are on the City’s website. He’s just making up numbers.

“Taxpayers rejected by a referendum a proposal three years ago that was much-scaled down version of Studer’s proposal” RO NOTELie # 4 – Trillium I was a $41 million dollar project that included a festival park and muncipal auditorium. It was nothing like this plan but the public dollar committment was similar. 

Is this who you want to represent you on the City Council? Either he’s making up things to serve his political agenda or he’s accepting the Elebash message without doing any of his own research.

Say it ain’t so, Sammy


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