Dateline: Five Flags Rotary….Fairchild vs. O’Sullivan

August 15, 2006

keep offThe Community Maritime Park debate was the featured program at the Five Flags Pensacola Rotary Club yesterday: Charlie Fairchild of Stop Our City versus Mort O’Sullivan for the CMP.

No real fireworks, although O’Sullivan got very passionate about the project and earned applause several times.

Even though that particular Rotary has an older membership (Downtown Rotary is the oldest), the crowd wasn’t as friendly to Fairchild as he had hoped. Fairchild tried all his best lines – emails show a conspiracy, $100 million giveaway, need for national RFP…but I had one Rotarian – who’s not tied to either camp – tell me that Fairchild just kept speaking in circles.

Several were frustrated that their new campaign signs says they can build a better park, but Fairchild offered no alternative plans or ideas.

Fear and negativity don’t work well on Rotarians. O’Sullivan won the debate.

[Edited – had the wrong club name originally]


4 Responses to “Dateline: Five Flags Rotary….Fairchild vs. O’Sullivan”

  1. Jeff DeWeese Says:


    It was in fact 5 Flags Rotary. Downtown is today. Same program. Everyone should call a member and be a guest. It is informative.


  2. April Phillips Says:

    I’ve emailed the “Save Our City” folks asking what their “better” waterfront park plan was, but I have yet to receive a response. It’s also not on their website. All I see and hear from them is “it’s bad” because of conspiracies and distorted “facts.” If they are for a “better” waterfront park, tell us about it.

    I think they are just for letting the land sit stagnant like Pensacola has for years.

  3. Save Our Sanity Says:

    If you watched SOC’s last BLAB show a caller dared to ask Charlie and Marty what their “better” plan was. Charlie snapped back for the caller to save his question for the CMP show. Marty proceeded to deliver what appears to be their prepared answer to that question. He said they want to reserve a number of acres for a public park and sell the remainder via a national RFP. You won’t hear any specific visions from the anti-park crowd because the mindset of negative thinkers is to deconstruct an idea, not create one.

  4. Joe Says:

    You also won’t hear any mention of what it will cost to, as they propose, clean the soil and landscape the property while we wait for developers — the good ones from far-away lands, not our evil local ones — to respond to the siren song of their magical RFP. Studer mentioned in the Sunday show that it will cost at least $12 million to bulldoze and detoxify the property, or about 30% of the total public investment. S.O.C. ignores the fact that the City will have to pay this much no matter what, but the C.M.P. plan will at least bring in revenue.

    So let’s see… On the one hand there’s a $40 million investment that will guarantee at least $30 million of private money to build a Park with tons of mixed-use development while preserving about 15 acres of public park space. On the other hand there’s a “plan” of paying $12 million to clean the space with no incoming revenue while we wait and hope for developers to deliver us (a community that’s notoriously hostile to developers) a project that will do everything the other one did, only “better.”

    Golly, which one to choose, which one to choose…

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