I’ve had too much to think tonight

August 14, 2006

targetThe Donovan emails really make no major revelations. They show that, despite the Stop Our City efforts to remarket themselves, they have – from the very beginning – been about stopping the CMP plan… nothing more.

They may argue about the process but they had ample opportunities to improve the process and offer input to create a better park. They instead tried to sabotage it.
They let their resentment and jealousy of Quint Studer override any desire to build a better community. Instead they worked hard to smear his name and make him the focal point of their nilhists’ efforts. “Nothing is cool.”

They gripe about the public hearings, but had no intention of participating. It didn’t matter who led them or paid the facilitators. They did nothing to make the CMP proposal better. They offered no constructive criticism.

They planned from the beginning to hold a referendum – it’s what makes them feel important and puts them in the spotlight. It helped re-elect Marty without opposition.
It is very obvious that no plan would satisfy them. They can’t even build consensus among themselves to tell us what they want on the waterfront.

At any point during the public forum process, they could have injected their ideas and desires. They chose not to do so.

The mission of SOC was to educate – yet their emails show how they knowingly misled the public – oftentimes only gave part of the facts. The new website tries to correct those misstatements – months after they conned people into signing petitions for the referendum.

What has upset them today is that we know their true intentions. They never thought anyone would ask to see their emails —-even though they had asked the City, CMPA and UWF for theirs. They are bullies that had gotten comfortable saying anything they like without being challenged.

But the playing field has changed. They are being asked to tell the public their plan for a better park. They are having to prove their statements. And they are reminded when their new stories conflict with past statements and past emails.

They aren’t accustom to being held accountable.


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