Donovan emails: O’Brien says what he wants

August 14, 2006

no trespassingThis email may explain why O’Brien is so against the CMP. He wants condos. [It’s in the middle of the PDF].Condo O’Brien


4 Responses to “Donovan emails: O’Brien says what he wants”

  1. Truth Comes Out Says:

    I knew thats what they wanted. The truth comes out! Condos. Wow! Small swath of park. They talk about building a better park but they mean condos for the Bill Smarts of the group.

    Talk about untruths!

  2. Tom Garner Says:


  3. Truth Comes Out Says:

    A further reading shows that is Bill Cobbs preference also. He is a big time SOCer


  4. Reality Check Says:

    If SOC think condos are the solution, they are very misinformed. Most, if not all, of the currently proposed downtown condo projects are stalled due to the real estate slow down. The window for the success of those developments has closed rapidly. If any of them are built in the foreseeable future, it will be because the developers behind them have deep enough pockets to shoulder the risk of building them speculatively (without available buyers). The same is true of the 9th Avenue and Romana property that was solicited by RFP. Those proposals are nothing more than pretty pictures on paper until the demand for residential development returns. That recovery will be impacted by whether or not the Maritime Park is built.

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