Donovan emails: No plan

August 14, 2006

green shirtAnother thing missing from the Donovan emails is any plan for the waterfront from SOC. We have a few people writing that they want condos. Others – anything but a park. And still others who want it to be a natural park.

In fact, there is very little positive talk about the waterfront area at all. No ideas offered on how to make the CMP plan better….just talk of stopping Quint Studer. It looks like Fairchild, Donovan and Elebash never exchanged any ideas for the park based on the emails we received.

Stop Our City has come up with the perfect meaningless campaign slogan – “We can build a better waterfront park” – without having to tell us anything about the park they want to build.

They would like the voters to believe the “we” means the voters. Unfortunately I don’t believe that’s the case. The “we” is the SOC board and it’s uncertain they will ever like anything proposed.


4 Responses to “Donovan emails: No plan”

  1. East Hill Native Says:

    Wasn’t the plan (according the mailed out literature) to have the city conduct a national RFP for the land? I have never heard anyone say that the SOC group was going to put forth their idea has their argument.

  2. East Hill Native Says:

    Pardon the typo three words from the end.

  3. Rick Outzen Says:

    The campaign signs say “We can build a better waterfront park” not “We should have a national RFP”.

    The vote is not about having a national RFP.

  4. East Hill Native Says:

    So, you’re assuming that SOC means that “they” will? Is everyone who puts a sign in their yard a member of SOC? I’m sorry, I saw it as a way for those folks to be inclusive of the citizens. I may have misunderstood.

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