Donovan emails: Marty never begged

August 14, 2006

marty.jpgIn my August 10 Outtakes – Outtakes – I question a conversation that Marty claimed took place between him and Quint Studer on Dec. 27, 2004 where he begged Studer not to proceed with the CMP proposal.

The following email is proof the conversation never took place. The email is from Donovan to P.A. Ucci – dated May 16, 2005. He tells Ucci that he met with Mort O’Sullivan and Miller Cauldwell (he means Caldwell) at Miller’s office on Dec. 29, 2004 – there is no mention of Quint Studer being present.

I’ve checked with Studer. He confirms that he wasn’t there. Studer did tell me of another meeting that Marty’s brother called together. The brother, Studer, a Catholic priest and an professional mediator from Atlanta (a friend of the brother) met at Scenic 90 cafe. I confirmed with the priest that the meeting did indeed take place.

Marty arrived late, sat with his arms folded, said very little and left early. No begging took place.

Here is the PDF:Too Proud to Beg


3 Responses to “Donovan emails: Marty never begged”

  1. lmao Says:

    You know, just when you think this issue couldn’t get any more strange, a priest and a therapist get involved. Typical. Everyone wonders why our community has been left behind by the rest of the Panhandle…

  2. Tom Garner Says:


    C’mon guy, you’ve got to give us a few more details to work with here:

    1. You don’t reference the date December 27, 2004 in your original Outtakes column. Where did this date come from?

    2. Are you saying that the Decemeber 27, 2004 date is the same as the December 29, 2004 date and that Donovan got the date wrong?

    3. What are the details of the conversation? Was it a sit down meeting as you’ve suggested, or was it some other scenario? Could it have been a telephone call? Could they have run into each other at the grocery store? (You know, I seem to always run into Mike Bass and Allen Levin at Albertsons. They buy groceries! Who knew?). Could it have been some other kind of scenario?

    4. What is your source that Marty sat without saying anything at the Scenic Diner meeting? Is it the priest? Could the conversation have taken place while the priest was in the bathroom?

    5. Have you picked up the phone and called Donovan to see if there could be some other possibility here that you’re unaware of? His office number is 432-6104, or at least that’s what’s in the phone book.

    Rick, you’ve called the man a liar. You even labelled your pdf file “Martylie”. That’s a very serious charge. Can you lay it out in more detail for those of us without access to the information that you have?


    Tom Garner

  3. Rick Outzen Says:

    Date was the date given by Marty Donovan on WCOA’s “Pensacola Speaks”.

    I stand by what I wrote in Outtakes and this blog post. You’re free to call Marty Donovan, Mort O’Sullivan, Miller Caldwell and Quint Studer.

    You can explain Marty’s behavior however you wish.

    The December 2004 conversation that he described on WCOA where he begged Quint Studer not to propose the CMP never happened.

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