Donovan emails: Elebash coaches and sets the SOC message

August 14, 2006

angryRetired UWF professor CC Elebash is more deeply involved in the Stop Our City campaign than we realized according to the emails handed over to us by Marty Donovan.

Below are two emails from Elebash in which he coaches Donovan and Charlie Fairchild on their performances at a city council meeting and on WSRE.

The message that Elebash tells them to stay on is “Studer, ballpark, the $100 million project, economic impact study, etc.”

I find it interesting that Elebash, Donovan and Fairchild want to make Studer an issue – even though now they claim  that they have no issue with him. They have also toned down the overstatement of the project costs. There are other emails which we will post later that show used this message to mislead people during the petition-signing campaign.

Another interesting point is that Elebash discourages Donovan from talking about the Port of Pensacola and other issues that detract from their campaign against the park.
Also it appears he has a personal “thing”  about Studer and UWF pres. John Cavanaugh. And before you think that Elebash is some fringe element in SOC, he appeared last night with Fairchild and Donovan on their weekly Stop Our City Blab show.

From: “C.C. Elebash”<celebash@bellsouth’net>
To: Marty Donovan
Sent: Saturday, January 28,2006 7:49 AM
Subject: Stay on “message”


Dear Marty and Charles: You both have been highly effective in the campaign to turn back the Trillium maritime park project. Victory is definitely possible. However you must “stay on message.” Both of you strayed away at the Thursday night Council meeting.

Marty, you got back on the port. That can wait until later. It is not a pressing issue.

Charles, you got off on some tangent about setting real estate prices “in perpetuity.”

The message is Studer, ballpark, the $100 million project economic impact study, etc. Please stay on it. You detract from the effort when you get off on other subjects. You could lose support for your Trillium position from those who oppose the port and from those who might think prices “in perpetuity” hard to digest. Please save those campaigns for another time.

Thanks to you both for all you have done to stop the Studer scheme. Opposition would never have firmed up without your efforts and talents.


Sincerely, CCE



From: “C.C.Elebash”<celebash@bellsouth’net>
To: Marty Donovan; Charles Fairchild
Sent: Thursday, March 30,2006 6:49PM
Subiect: WSRE Program


Splendid performance by you both!!!

Lloyd Patterson is very biased.

I doubt that Cavanaugh will ever appear with you. You would “destroy” him. But,if he does, jam that economic impact study down his throat.



5 Responses to “Donovan emails: Elebash coaches and sets the SOC message”

  1. Joe Says:

    Watching him speak on the show yesterday was about as clear a symbol as you could ask for about the opposing philosophies.

    In addition to looking like one of the “Chuckie & Donno” caricatures, Dr. Elebash kept attacking projections of the economic impact by saying things like “the conference center is unnecessary because a city like Pensacola has no demand for it” and “Albuquerque is a much nicer, larger city than Pensacola, so we can’t expect the same level of success they’ve had with their baseball team and waterfront park.”

    That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? We don’t currently attract businesses conferences, so there’s no reason to have one. Pensacola is small and boring, so there’s no point in stimulating growth. I hope Dr. Elebash and the other S.O.C. folks aren’t Catholic, ’cause I’m pretty sure despair is a sin. To paraphrase the saying: whoever wins on September 5, whether they think we can make Pensacola a better place or we can’t, they’ll be right.

  2. Pensacola Pete Says:

    The esteemed Professor Elebash has been proven wrong repeatedly over the years. I have come to the conclusion that he dislikes Pensacola and wants to see it remain stuck in the muck and mire of the 19th Century, where the whole anti-park Stop Our City crowd seems most comfortable.

  3. Tom Garner Says:


    I’m surprised that you’re surprised that C. C. Elebash is offering his advice to SOC. Really, have you ever known C. C. Elebash to be bashful (pun intended) about stating his opinions?

    Of course, if we look at the advice given, it seems quite sound: stay on message. I don’t know how many political campaigns you’ve been involved in, but “stay on message” is a basic tenent of political campaigning. It’s politics 101.

    As for Elebash’s participation in SOC, I don’t think he’s ever made a secret of his involvement. After all, Elebash has come out publically against the CMPA project, and he attends every SOC meeting. And as you said yourself “he appeared last night with Fairchild and Donovan on their weekly Save Our City Blab show.” There doesn’t appear to be any big secret about Elebash’s involvement in this.


    Tom Garner

  4. East Hill Native Says:


    He has never made it any secret knowledge that he has worked with Marty and Charlie from the get go. He’s coaching them because that’s what you do in a political campaign. If you’ve ever seen a political firgure running for office go off message and get quagmired, then you know why he is doing this. Like you, I see no reason for any sort of shock in any of the emails presented. I’m curious to see what else is out there.

  5. Jim McClellan Says:

    1. Where did the $100 million come from? Seems to me that’s a pretty gross exaggeration that would have made Elebash scream had the CMP folks done it.

    2. If CC Elebash is telling a public official what he needs to say, is this “undue influence?”

    3. If it isn’t, then why was there such a ruckus about the CMP emails?

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