Donovan emails: Actual emails

August 14, 2006

pink vadarHere are PDFs of the actual emails that support my earlier posts:

Elebash sets message

Elebash bashes

Nothing is Cool!


2 Responses to “Donovan emails: Actual emails”

  1. MichaelO Says:

    “Mr. Donovan stated that the meeting involved a presentation of the proposed plan for the Maritime Park. At the close of the presentation he further stated that O’SUllivan advised him that ll the other Council members were on board with the plan and that he needed to get on board as well.”

    So now Martyr’s projecting his bully tactics onto the proponents?

    “All Council members that we interviewed with the exception of Marty Donovan stated that the meetings consisted only of a presentation of a proposed plan and that there was no attempt to relay information from one member to another.”

    What is it with this guy and his selective memory/interpretation?

    I propose a new SOC… Save Our Council.

    Someone please find out what it takes to get this guy out of office. I’ve scoured city charter, and found nothing. I will be making phone calls when our gov’t offices open on Tuesday.

  2. MichaelO Says:

    ummm… this got posted to the wrong entry…was supposed to be a comment in response to the State Attorney’s letter to Tom Garner.

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