Donovan emails – 44 pages for your review

August 14, 2006

lensI’m always comfortable letting the readers make their own observations. The emails really are a snapshot view into Stop Our City. They are working hard to re-invent themselves right before the election – new slogans, new website pages, etc. The emails reveal what they’re really about.
Here are 44 pages that we scanned today:
44 pages


4 Responses to “Donovan emails – 44 pages for your review”

  1. Nick Bodkins Says:

    Just reading through the documents and came across something I would love to hear your opinion on Rick…

    I wonder how many ad dollars you would get from all the businesses that would go into the retail space of the CMP? According to Charles Fairchild he says, “I know the financial people at the PNJ and Independent love us. We add a lot of revenue to their publications that they would not normally have.”

    I’m sure you appreciate the SOC’s many advertising dollars compared to the effect that having so many more downtown businesses would have on not only your publication, but all of the local publications and television stations with advertising. After all, if the CMP doesn’t go through, trust that Charlie and Marty will be back to Save the City from whatever else someone thinks up… if they aren’t too scared of the two of them.

  2. Rick Outzen Says:

    Advertising has little impact on our editorial. We’re infamous for upseting advertisers and distribution spots over articles and opinions.

    Whether SOC has tried to get businesses not to advertise with us, I don’t know. Our advertising is actually up for the month of August.

  3. buck hall Says:


    I think it’s funny that you get blasted for publishing the Stop Our City emails, but when you published the emails from the City/Ellis/Miller…no one said anything except…”See it’s a conspiracy”. Keep up the good work.

    Buck Hall

  4. Nick Bodkins Says:

    Forgive me, I didn’t intend to imply that it would have an effect on your editorial, rather that Charles Fairchild was rather presumptious to assume that everyone would be behind him because his SOC group was going to advertise in your publication.

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