Donovan emails….something’s missing

August 13, 2006

lensOf the 400 emails that we received from Councilman Marty Donovan and for which we paid him $100 -there are several duplicates of emails to Donovan, but a very few sent from him. For the period Jan 2005 to Jun 2006, we received copies of less than a dozen emails from Marty to anybody on the Community Maritime Park.

We will ask for clarification tomorrow. Probably will cost us another $100 – if they haven’t been deleted.

Most of the emails are from Charles Fairchild, CC Elebash, Helene Donovan (who appears to be conduit for Marty), William Cobb, P.A. Ucci, John Wyche, Mark O’Brien. They provide an interesting look at the inner workings of Stop Our City.


5 Responses to “Donovan emails….something’s missing”

  1. Tom Garner Says:


    I have to ask, do you have evidence that Donovan deleted e-mails? That’s a pretty serious charge. If you’re speculating, that’s one thing, and I’d appreciate it if you’d say so. But if, on the other hand, you know for a fact that he deleted e-mails, then you should probably put forward the evidence. Otherwise I would think that you’d be leaving yourself open to a charge of libel.

    Thanks a lot.

    Tom Garner

  2. Tom Garner Says:

    Sorry for the double post.

  3. Rick Outzen Says:

    I’m not charging that Councilman Donovan deleted any emails to avoid the public records request. However, he may not save his outgoing emails or somehow he treats them differently than his incoming emails. I don’t know – which is why I will ask for clarification tomorrow.

    And of course, it’s entirely possible he sent out less than dozen emails on the Community Maritime Park in past 18 months. We will find out tomorrow.

    Thank for your concern.

  4. Tom Garner Says:


    Thanks a lot.

    In rereading the original post, another question arose for me. You use the term “conduit” in reference to Helene Donovan, ie: “Helene Donovan (who appears to be conduit for Marty)”.

    It is my understanding that there is a specific legal definition attached to the term “conduit” as it applies to Florida’s open meeting laws. Specifically, it is my understanding that state law prohibits an individual from acting as a conduit for information between members of an elected board. The purpose of the law is to ensure that discussions between members of an elected board take place in meetings that are open to the public rather than behind the scenes, even if those behind the scenes conversations are carried out through the use of a third party.

    In your comment about Helene Donovan, were you suggesting that she has acted as a conduit for information between Council Member Donovan and another council member in violation of Florida Statutes? If not, can you clarify what you did mean?


    Tom Garner

  5. Rick Outzen Says:

    There are emails in the group that are from Helene Donovan to individuals in which she leads off with “Marty asked me to…”. Helene is ‘cc:’ on several of the emails also. We are asking for clarification on her role, too.
    We will post all the emails later once we scanned them.

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