Dateline: Jacksonville…..Tom Gallagher

August 13, 2006

GOPtouted the successes of Gov. Jeb Bush. State has AAA bond rating which will save $100 million in interest payments over 10 years. Graduation rates for minorities have improved..

He has questioned heavily on his change in stances: from pro-choice to pro-life; anti-school vouchers to pro-vouchers. Gallaher reply was his wife and the birth of his son change his opinion on abortion. The granting of vouchers to parents in Escambia County changed his opinion on the vouchers.

Wants to create a commercial insurance version for Citizens Property Insurance to help small businesses.

Must amend class size amendment to make it more flexible. Against doubling homestead exemption. Like portability of property taxes withing the county.

Answer criticism of the Ethics commission finding probable cause on this stock dealings. Called them “technical violations”. Found no preferential treatment. Politically motivated.


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