Dateline: Jacksonville —Katherine Harris

August 12, 2006

GOPGOP US Senate candidate (and Congressman) Katherine Harris participated in a political forum here yesterday. Big talking points: gas prices, illegal immigrants, traditional values (of course) and war on terrorism.

Very combative with the St. Pete Times reporter who asked the questions.

Choice quotes: Staff turnover was due to they didn’t “have integrity, character or share my values.”

Bill Nelson (Democrat incumbent) is more liberal than Sen . Hillary Clinton.

Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be granted amnesty. “Citizenship isn’t an emergency or an urgency.”

On Iraq War: “We can’t cut and run.” “Trying to give a date certain for withdrawl is silly.” And threw in the factoid that she was born in a military hospital…somehow.

“I’m not a lockstep Republican.”  Opposes Pres. Bush’s cuts on Block grants and other housing programs.

Believes she acted with integrity in the 2000 presidential election (when she certified Bush victory). “I followed the letter of the law.”


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