Dateline: Jacksonville —-Jim Davis

August 12, 2006

EyeDemocratic candidate for FL Governor, Congressman Jim Davis, spoke at Florida League of Cities political forum.

Davis has been criticized for being dull— He was anything but. His passion and sincerity rang true (Harris did, too)

Talking points: Offshore drilling, Insurance, Education-FCAT, class size

Thinks Gov. Bush has been too cooperative on the offshore drilling.

Insurance – wants a national catastrophic insurance fund. Eliminate legal loopholes for insurance companies that hurt the consumer. Create at the state level at Policyholder Advocate General.

Education: Wants FCAT used to help students more – give questions and answers to students. Doesn’t like temporary workers grading tests.

Property taxes: Likes portability. Dislikes doubling Homestead exemption.

Wants an independent legislative redistricting commission to set of house and state senate districts.


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